Bricking bb

I lost my operating system by trying to load the free legends drum kit onto my Beatbuddy SDHC card help I can’t find how to fix this do I need to get another card from Beatbuddy wtf?!?!??

You don’t need a new SD card from Singular Sound. Instead, just follow the recovery process from this link Pedal does not power on

My pedal powers on but my content of sdhc card is gone it’s still on the bb manager tho, is there away to reload it with other stuff I bought from premium library and all user content from user forum? I even see the legends drumset I was trying to load, I have a bad card reader and it cutout while trying to load the legends drumset which corrupted my hdsc card. Can I reload everything that’s on the bb manager back onto the original bb sdhc card?

Sure you can, provided the BBM project wasn’t corrupted in the process. So if your current project is still intact in the BBM, you start off by deleting all of the files on your SD card. Empty the Recycle Bin or Empty Trash. Note, I said “delete”—so DO NOT format the card. If the BBM project is good, then use the BBM File > Export Project to SD card and when done, accept the prompt for future synchronization.

If successful, follow Goran Rista’s instructions in the file that accompanies the Legend drum set.

However, if your BBM project is corrupt, there are a couple of helpful posts on this forum. “General Disaster Recovery” and the other deals with integrating Premium Library or Default Content Update v2: Adding Premium Content Full Library via BBM

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Ok I will try that, everything on the bb manager that was on the card is there on the manager and it plays and seems to work hopefully not corrupted. First off I’m getting a new reader then I’ll get it reloaded, if it is I’ll try the disaster recovery or the default content v2. Thanks for the help guy so early in the morning much appreciated I’ll let you know how it goes thanks!

You’re welcome. If the project on your BBM is good, you may not have to use the General Disaster Recovery but rather the link provided. Hope you get it all sorted out.