Bug: Loud pop at the end of recorded loop when middle footswitch tapped to end record

Hey all. I purchased the Gold Aeros a week ago and updated the firmware to the the latest (5.0.3). While in 2x2 mode and using beat buddy (midi) Recording on Track 1, I recorded 2 measure loop and clicked the middle foot switch to end the recording. There was an extremely loud pop from the switch and the noise was recorded as part of the loop.

Interestingly, the volume of the pop in the loop sounds more like the pop you’d hear on an old vinyl record.

Steps to reproduce

Tests done in 2x2 Quantize

  1. Record first track → OK
  2. Record Second track → OK
  3. Return to first Track Re-record-> Record engaged OK, 2 measures of recording loop. Tap middle foot switch to end recording, LOUD POP! Track loops fine but with pop replaying at a much lower volume.
  4. Overdub on both 1st and second Track → OK

You might want to try with firmware version 5.1.1
Aeros Firmware 5.1.x to see if that helps.

But, here’s what another user is reporting. Don’t know if the situations are the same: Pop on 5.1.1

Thank.s I’ll give that a try and report back. The pop for me was activated by pressing the footswitch. I’ll try to record my steps to recreate the issue so you can have it documented. However, the other users are showing you a similar post record issue that’s happening as well regardless of firmware version (it seems).

You can have Pops on V 5.1.1 too

Indeed. I’m actually already running 5.1.1 when the issue occurred. I thought I missed one of the OTB updates, but the device did a OTA update via WiFi.

Hey there,

Unfortunately, we could not reproduce this pop, please let us know once 5.2.x comes out if the version fixes your issue so we can investigate further,

Thank you for reporting and your patience