Can the Aeros looper be master

Ie. Can you make a loop, then send out midi clock? It says midi out but I think it could be thru. Tried the manual but is very ambiguous.

Hey there, no the Aeros is not yet able to do this, we do plan on it soon, however. Most likely we will get to this after our Auto-quantize update.

Thanks for the question.

I hope it will be soon with a clock generator to send midi clock in freeform mode.

Cool. Yeh would be nice. Apparently it doesn’t work too well for the longer loops the click gets confused but the start times are right. But it’s good for the shorter loops so nice to have the freedom. I’m surprised it’s not or more pedals, it’s really rare.

That will not be a function of freeform mode, that may, however, be possible with Auto-quantize mode, but that may take time to develop. Master capabilities within AutoQuantize will definitely be an advanced feature.

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