Can't Sync to SD Card

The other day when I opened the BeatBuddy Manager software, the same way I have done for the past 2 years, the Library was empty! I used my SD card and imported everything from it. This worked fine to get back what used to be in my Library. However, today after making some changes in the Library I stuck my SD card into my computer, clicked on ‘File’ and ‘Synchronize Project’ was grayed out! Anybody know what’s wrong? I need to sync the project to my card… this has never happened before.

Are you on a Mac?

I figured out a “work around”. Because I created a New Project in order to import the data from the SD card, the project I was trying to synchronize was considered a ‘different’ one from what was already on the card. And after reading some of the manual I found out that you can only have ONE PROJECT at a time on the SD card. So, I went to File/Export, exported to the SD Card, replacing the old project. This worked, but I still can’t ‘synchronize’ to the card, and I don’t know why. Anybody have any ideas?

Yes… MacBook Pro

What version of the Mac OS are you using?


The ability to Synchronize on Sierra is spotty at best. If your Synchronize is grayed out, use Export>Project to SD Card. Once you do that, if you do not quit Beat Buddy Manager, and you keep the SD card plugged into the Mac you ‘usually’ can then Synchronize at subsequent times during that session. Once you quit BB Manager, my experience is that you then need to Export>Project to SD Card again for the next Sync. If it asks you to overwrite the existing project, select yes, unless you are for some reason exporting to a different location.

Kiss your setting in the pedal goodbye when you do the overwrite. I just did it and Syncronize Project is still greyed out and I haven’t even disconnected the pedal yet.

It’s a known issue

The disadvantage to the workaround is losing your pedal settings however, before trying the export workaround you could try

  • making sure your SD card has your latest pedal settings; insert your SD card in your computer SD slot reader;
  • copy the PARAMS folder from your SD card to your desktop and once you complete the export process, copy the PARAMS folder from your desktop to your SD card

It may or may not work for you but it might be worth a try. Small print disclaimer: this is probably one of the few exceptions you should use the OS to perform a function reserved for the BBM. Worst that could happen is you may have to manually reset your pedal settings.