Convert Premium Songs to One Press OPB or DOP

I am wondering how one would adjust the purchased premium song files so that they could be used for one press songs.

If you were to do so, you would have to use a digital audio workstation (DAW).

The bigger question might be “why would you want to do this?” In my opinion, it is much easier to transcribe MIDI source files in to one-press songs than it would be to try to successfully stitch together (in some cases, the many) song sections. Then you’d probably have the decision whether or not to include the transitions and fills and if so, where would they be placed within the intro/chorus/verse/bridge/outro construct of the typical song?

Interesting thought . . . .

I’ve tried doing this with a couple songs when I didn’t like the drums in a midi that I found. It is time consuming, but it produces reasonably good results. What I do in those cases is first get the original song, and figure out its tempo(s) using a metronome. Then add that to a DAW project as a track. From there, you take Goran’s drums as midi files, and add them to a drum track in the DAW, trying to match the midi drums to the original. If I want to add bass, I use the original as a guide and come up with a bass part on its track. Then mute the original track and see how it sounds. If it’s good, you have an OPB and a DOP ready to go.

Does the BeatBuddy software not have an editor for Midi files?

It does but it is so cumbersome, lacking in capabilities, does not integrate even the most basic OS features (copy & paste) and buggy that it tends to discourage all but the most determined users. It opens OPB songs very slowly (and sometimes not at all). In my opinion it is barely suitable for verifying that there are no unsupported notes. Calling it a MIDI editor is a real stretch.


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