Deleting track or part

I am having trouble completely deleting a track
the mute/undo/overdub thing is being tricky for me
At issue is the initial recoding was wrong number of measures and undoing and overdubbing leaves me with the same wrong number of measures

Is there a fas way to completely delete a track and start over.
Same for a new part, can a bad or 1st take part be completely deleted?


To completely undo both layers of a track, keep holding down the RPO (record/play/Overdub) and it will first intro the overdub, then undo the base layer. Then tap the RPO to record a new track. Please download firmware version 2.82 for this to work properly. Thanks!

Thanks for the clarification… this has been making me crazy.

How do you completely delete a Part? I recorded a part I don’t want to keep, so I held down the RPO until it “deleted” …so nothing is on the part. But now it’s still shown as a Part that I need to navigate around when selecting other parts. I other words, one extra foot tap to get to where I want to be.


I’m about 4 hours into the Aeros. Seems like deleting parts and tracks are the most requested feature and its surprising that it hasn’t been addressed. Looks like we can’t really edit tracks once we create them either.

This is my only complaint with the Aeros. It’s basic function that somehow has been overlooked. I’m told this will be addressed very soon.


Yeah, after spending some time with it, it seems so obvious that you would need to delete a track especially in 6x6. Hold down select while in Mixer mode. Or, of course, add a delete button under the mute would be even better. It’s quite a fun piece of kit, but this (and the part delete) are unfortunate. Perhaps, it’s just a scratch pad for a DAW, but it is so close to being a full DAW in a pedal.

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Yes, 11 months ago this thread was started about this glaring omission and we’re still waiting. I’m pretty sure it will be addressed in the next firmware update. Hang in there. Yep it’s like having a DAW more than a looper. As soon as the delete issue is resolved, there will be nothing on the market that could touch this!

not quite getting this.

i agree deleting a Part should be something we should be able to do but can’t now, while my experience is that we can essentially delete tracks by undoing them.

you never have more than 2 layers to a track as each overdub is incorporated into the first layer once you do the next overdub, or second layer. holding down Undo first erases the 2nd layer and continuing to hold down Undo erases the first layer so you have an empty track to re-record. this is essentially a deleted track. am i missing something?

Hey, thanks for helping explain this. I didn’t know about the two layers and had trouble understanding how to properly use “undo.” Once it starts flashing undo are you supposed to release? On second press, it flashes “redo.” Can you delete both tracks by pressing and holding down the button until the track is deleted? I will try this because I was not able to remove the tracks. Also, it seemed like the loop length wasn’t wiped out, but maybe I just wasn’t holding it down long enough.

How to delete (Undo) a track

1.) Record a track.
2.) If you don’t like that track, hold down the Track Button (lower right) until Undo shows (flashes) and then release the button. The track will be undone. At this point you can press record which will set it up so when the beginning of that track comes around it will automatically record what you play. Alternatively, if you decide you liked the original track you can hold down the button until Redo appears. Release the button at that time and the undone track will come back.

With An Overdub:
1.) Record a track
2.) Overdub that track
3.) If you don’t like your overdub then hold down the Track button until Undo appears (flashes) and then release the button - your overdub will be undone and Overdub should appear. Pressing Overdub now allows you overdub a new part.
4.) If you don’t like your overdub AND the original track layer then hold down the Track button. It will show undo, which will undo your overdub. If you keep holding it down it will show overdub and then undo again which will undo the original track layer leaving nothing recorded on the track. Above the button should then show Record which you can press and the track will start recording at the beginning of where it started previously.

With Multiple Overdubs:
1.) Record a track.
2.) Overdub that track with another layer (overdub).
3.) Once you now overdub a third layer (overdub) the last overdub you played will be merged with the original track layer and CAN NOT be separated from it anymore.
4.) If you don’t like the third layer (overdub) you just recorded you can then hold down the Track button and Undo this layer. If you continue to hold down the button and release it when Undo flashes again your last overdub layer AND the original track layer that has been MERGED with the first overdub layer you did will also now be Undone. Now there’s once more an empty track. Or you can hold down the button and REDO your last overdub or hold it down longer and REDO your last layer and the original track layer with its now-merged first overdub layer.

Every subsequent overdub will cause the previous overdub to be permanently merged with the overdubs that came before it and the original track layer.

So you can never have more than two track layers and they both can be Undone so as to leave you with a track where something completely new can be recorded. As to when that track starts, I haven’t explored or understand well the options but the Settings section allows different options for this. I hope this helps.


This helps immensely. I was about to write my mea culpa about not reading the manual thoroughly, but I just did, and this is not in there. This is a great explanation, and its been working pretty well.

Glad it helped kangham! if you had read the manual and watched all the videos available and slogged your way through a bunch of trial & error (like i did!) you could have eventually figured it out, but it shouldn’t have to be so hard.

That’s why i’ve suggested a new Category called “How do i do this?” It sounds like Singular is considering adding this. If you go to the Aeros subcategory under the General Discussion section of this forum you’ll see a discussion about this under the topic “How About A “How Do I Do This” Section?” If you could go there and weigh in that you think a section like that would be a good idea it would give more weight to the logic adding the topic. This exchange between you and i is i think an excellent example of why a Category like that is greatly needed. Thanks!


Yes, looking back in the thread I see an explanation to the original poster, but I never stumbled on holding it down long enough for the entire track to be deleted without the start/stop endpoints. Let me know how I can advocate for the category you are recommending!

Just go to the General Discussion section of this forum and under the Aeros subcategory you’ll see the topic “How About A “How Do I Do This” Section?” Click on that and you’ll see the thread. Thanks! Get back to me if you can’t find it.

please weigh in as we spoke of before. your voice could be helpful NOW. thanks

I don’t understand the reluctance to make this the sticky “Welcome to Aeros” category? I will comment on your thread, MB.

Hello all, sorry for the lack of activity on this thread.

There is no current way to delete a track, the closest form of deletion is re-recording, which does “delete” the original recording once you replace it. We are working on a part deletion option which is detailed on my post to this thread. Any undone layer (base layer/overdub layer) that is re-recorded will ‘delete’ the undone material.

We are working on undone logic so that they behave more like empty tracks, this will make deletion less necessary.

The only way to “delete” currently (as of 3.1.10) is to delete the entire song, which deletes any saved data for that song.

I will be tagging this as duplicate in terms of part deletion request, I will tag as #not-a-bug because we will not be creating a delete track command as of now and this is not technically a bug, it is made to be this way.

Thank you

As a new owner of the Aeros, I am really happy and I see nothing but open possibilities. However, it didn’t take long to run into the issue of “needing to delete a full part” so it doesn’t just become some empty thing that needs to be navigated around. I look forward to this update!

Unfortunately, the first instance of this (likely releasing with lock tracks) will only allow deletion of the last part, we do want to look into it more but due to its complexity we have other tasks we’d like to get to first.

Namely, lock tracks (which is near the end of development stage and should be at the testing stage soon), reworking and defining of undone logic, and hopefully the first instance of the Hands free mode after that.

Stay tuned!