Expression CC # for Custom Mode?

I would like to know the send CC # for the expression pedal in custom mode. I can’t find anywhere to change so I’m assuming it’s fixed.
Let me know please. Thanks!

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I would like to know this as well. @BeatBuddy_Support please help!

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+1 for me - Just purchased an MM and need to use the expression pedal to control volume in FX

… This request is a well over a year waiting, no evidence of movement by SS: Using expression pedal to control volume.

Until then, my only functional option is using a mono output and using the analogue volume pedal capability of my expression pedal. Some may not have this issue, but I had to address impedance matching to get the volume pedal to achieve full range control as described here: BeatBuddy Volume Control

does this business have any staff, seems like a ghost town in this forum! Its funny how they promised consistent updates and support and this is how we get treated?