Fade options

I know there are other requests like this but it’s important so here is another.

  1. Fade out option per track on pause / stop
  2. Fade out option for stop all.
  3. Fade should send a signal to also fade the beat buddy.

Hello, this is not how feature requests work, you need to have more details and your cannot submit batch requests. Please review the rules for posting requests here.

The Fade to stop has already been requested

The Fadeout option for BeatBuddy needs it’s own request, it’s an interesting idea but is not planned. The request individual track fade also needs its own request, this will be done and will be handled as mute-fades, this is not long from being done.

I will move this post to General Discussion for this reason.

Thank you!

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If this is already in the plans does it still need a request?

If you want to have a place to track what the progress is easily, then yes!

Oh I did it a few days ago thanks.