Feature request - adjust velocities for all items in a kit

A lot of the songs in the premium library are played very heavily on the drum sets. Could we have an option to scale the velocities of all the hits in the midi files of a song by a certain percentage in order to get a gentler sound? Turning the volume down doesn’t have the same effect - I need something that is audible but with a light touch, and I don’t want to have to edit all my songs or all my drum sets. This could be added in Beat Buddy Manager between the Default Tempo and Default Drumset - add a new field called Velocity Scale which would be a number to scale back all the velocities in the song to a given percentage.

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Interesting request, we can consider it!

In the meantime, the New Mellow Beats pack for songwriters features a much smoother dynamic range and may be a good set for what you’re intending!

Thank you for the feedback!

Thanks for the response. I have already customized about 200 songs, so was hoping to be able to use them as is rather than re-customize the Mellow Beats pack. Perhaps Goran could create a new drum set (call it Standard Pro Light) that matches the Standard Pro layout and file structure, but with wave files that have beats of a lighter touch for the same midi velocity range. So instead of having, for example, four midi velocity bands representing mp (0-29); mf (30-89), f (90-104) and ff (105-127), you would have the same four bands but with a lighter hit representing pp (0-29); p (30-89), mp (90-104) and mf (105-127). That way all existing songs would be played with a lighter touch just by using the Standard Light drum set.

I probably can find the kits from this link, if you think that would help.

That’s is exactly what I am looking for. A link to the kit would be much appreciated. Thanks for responding.

I’ll have to go through my archives. I’ll post it later tonight or early tomorrow.

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I haven’t looked at these in some time. The bass, as I recall is mapped at midi 63 through 91, so the kits will not have any Latin pieces in them, and the shaker will be missing. If you have patterns that use the shaker, you should edit those to use something else, or just edit the kits, to remove the bass, and replace with the shaker at the correct location.


Thanks for taking the time to make these available. Much appreciated.

Re the Feature request. This is such a good idea. I find some of the standard patterns and premium library songs are played too hard for my taste, and this also makes re-use of the midi parts a fiddly manual Midi editing job which I’m reluctant to get into. A simple global Velocity or Aggression control would be very welcome indeed to get away from that “Raaawk” sound sometimes.