General midi drumkit displays as "none" but no dropdown of this in drumkit section

Hi BB users…Just wondering about importing a general midi drumtrack from Musescore. After creation of the track and importing into the BB, the drumkit displays as “none” until you select your desired kit.
If you want to leave the created general midi drumtrack or “None” to use for your performance song, it does not display at the top of the BB editor. There is no dropdown tab for “None” under drumkits. A completely different kit or drum midi-map is utilized upon opening and using the editor. What drumkit does the imported midi drum song default to when coming into the BB when editing?..and, Is there a specific drumkit available that is close to the general midi drum map that can be used with minimal BB editing involved?


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The Beat Buddy is a MIDI file player rather than a drum machine in the traditional sense. That means you will need both a file to play and an instrument on which to play it. Two required parts to make it work.

So, when you import a MIDI file into BBM, it comes in as a playable file, but without a drum set assigned, so seeing, “None,” as the kit is absolutely the expected behaviour. You must assign a kit to have it play.

As for mapping, you should be aware that the BB has a slightly different instrument mapping than GM (no idea why), mostly around the toms (BB does not recognize the third tom – #47? – and only has four toms as a result) and the secondary snare and kick. Which means you’re going to have to transpose a couple of things. Hoping it helps, here is a list of the instruments in the BB mapping:

Kick: 36

Rim: 37
Snare: 38
Claps: 39

Hats Closed: 42
Hats Pedal: 44
Hats Open 46

Tom 1: 50
Tom 2: 48
Tom 3: 45
Tom 4: 43

Crash-1: 49
Crash-2: 57
Ride: 51
Ride Bell: 53
Splash-1: 55
Splash-2: 59

Tambourine: 54
Cowbell: 56
Shaker: 82


If you don’t choose another kit after importing, it does play as the GM kit (None) and it works fine for my gigs. You just are unable to edit the GM kit in the BB editor. Once you edit or change to another kit the “none” will disappear.
Thanks for the midi-map Joe! …This will help me to edit when necessary…Is this the BB mapping of the “Standard” kit?..or is it just a generic mapping with no name.
Thanks again for your input!!

I suspect BB adds a default drum set when you import, but I don’t remember.

This is the standard BB mapping. GM adds a tom at 47, an alternate kick at 35, and an alternate snare at 37. I’m sure there are other differences, but those are the ones I run into most regularly.

Search the forum for MIDI Maps and you’ll find additional help.

I was going to weigh in on this last night, but after having just survived a ridiculously close Philadelphia Eagles victory, I was too worn out (read inebriated) to comment.

First, attached is a General Midi map,

–drummap.pdf (71.2 KB)

Now for some comments. BB recognizes all 128 available midi notes. However, most stock BB drum kits do not contain any assignment to note 35, B0, which is a 2nd kick drum in General Midi, and nothing at 41 and 47, a couple of the Toms. The most comprehensive available kit from Singular, Standard Pro, has some differences from General Midi, adding a metronome sound at 33, nothing at 41 or 47; no vibraslap at 58, and additions above 81. If using this kit, you can get very close to a General midi compliant kit - you’ll just have to edit 41, and 58. Move 41 and 47 to other toms, and delete the 58’s, would be my recommendation.

As for how your BB is working, assigning a kit when your song shows “none,” you’ll need to look at the very top of the BB Manager Window. When no kit is assigned, BB Manager uses the current default kit, which will be the kit noted at the top of the BB Manager window.

In my window, it would be the Polka Accordion kit, and the surely would not be what you want. It’s best to assign a kit. If you don’t have Standard Pro, you should really get it. OR, you can try one of my substitute kits for Standard Pro, which are here:

Good luck!

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Thank you for your help Phil and Persist!..I do have the standard pro kit and there is minimal editing involved.
I’m truly enjoying the creation of my performance drum tracks but will need to eventually get a few more kits from SS for the genres that I perform. Thanks again guys!