Getting the BeatBuddy to work with the Infinity looper

Where is the link to the 210 or 211 firmware?

I can record a loop that lasts minutes. I have not had an issue with not having enough time.

I did a firmware update via the Application under " tools " and I’m on 210

Done it twice to make sure

I just checked my firmware, and I got it to load 211. I will try to record a couple minute loop later today. I need to get started on cooking Christmas dinner.

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Did you download the update Mac installer from here:

That’s what I did. Then install and restart the Pigtronix app, and after I updated firmware, it is showing 2 1 1.

I’ll try that later, Christmas dinner is on the table here, enjoy yours.

No need to do anything to your looper SD card as it actually has a little more than 4Gb available—which is a little more than half of the 8.1Gb that your card came with. How the Infinity uses that space, I have no idea. Point is you shouldn’t have to do anything to the SD card.

Connect your looper to your computer and open the Infinity app (SPL)
[]From the app: Tools > Mass Settings Assignment
]Make sure the Measures in Loop 1 box is unchecked (see screen shot) [ATTACH=full]7850[/ATTACH]

Yep my settings are the same as yours except that I do not have a Fade Length box on this screen.
Are you on 210 or 211?

Do you think this is asking how many measures you want to have in loop 1 or telling you how many there are in it ?

OK, I am getting the same issue as Fireside Picker. My loop length appears to be limited. After about 1 minute and 10 seconds, it ends the loop and begins playback.

Although the top of the screen shot shows 203, the looper shows 211 when I power it up.
My version of the Infinity app is 2.1. You can find that out with ⌘ I when highlighting the app
It allows you to set the # of measures when the box is checked
Also be sure to check that the number of Measures in Loop 1 of the main screen of the Infinity app is similar to mine

This is my screenshot, if it works? seems I can only export as pdf ( so my wife says )

OK, I figured this out. The key is in this part of Persist’s screen shot:


I am assuming that @Fireside_Picker had a display similar to mine, showing all 50 presets available. When I made only 10 available, I now can record a loop over 6 minutes long. I assume if I made just 1 preset available, I could get up to 1 hour.

To reduce the number of Presets available, go into the Pigtronix app, under Tools, select Edit Preset Structure. You will get this drop down:


The dropdown in this box lets you select from 2 to 50. Pick a nice lower number. I used 10. It looks like Persist used 9. This will then allocate your available recording space EVENLY to the available presets. So, with 50 and an 8GB card, we only get 1:10-ish per preset. With 10, I got 6 minutes. I don’t think I need a loop over 6 minutes, ever, so that should work for me.

One more thing - using your Mac. There is a utility app called GRAB. That is how I get screenshots. After you make your screen grab, just do a copy and paste into the message. No need to make a pdf. Grab should be in your Utilities folder, inside your Applications folder.

Well spotted Phil, just received a reply to my email to Pigtronix telling me the same thing — here goes

Yes just as you say, I settled on 20 presets which is ample for my needs.
I initially tried ‘Gab’ Phil but for some reason it wouldn’t stick.

For the life of me I cannot understand why Pigtronix don’t provide enough ( any ? ) information about how to use their Application in the user manual. A simple overview and screen shots with info. about how and what to us the options for would suffice. Just think how much time and frustration it would save for customers who, like myself, only have a limited computer knowledge.

Anyway thankyou, each of you, for the assistance you have provide me through this forum and I wish you a Happy New Year.

I’m off to play with my looper !

I ordered a 32gb micro SD card today, so I can get back to having all 50 presets. Installation is not too difficult. I just hope the app formats the card, as I was advised it would.

I just wish Pigtronix users had a solid user community like this forum. Seems like BB users are doing Pig’s job for them. :mad:

Unless you need more presets on your looper, you can probably get by just fine with the SD card that came with your Infinity.

Happy New Year.

Thanks Persist. I probably could get by fine with the 8gb card that came with the Infinity, but one of the reasons I bought it was for the ability to have a bunch of preset loops. That’s how I had my old JamMan set up. I may never use the Infinity that way, since I have really everything I need on the BB, but its nice to have the option. And the 32 GB cards only cost, $10-12 on Amazon nowadays, so why not? :smiley:

The intended recipient for my reply was not you, Phil. It was for Fireside Picker. :rolleyes:

BTW, I get the free 32G SD cards from Microcenter whenever they send out their circulars. Everybody likes “free,” right? :smiley: