Getting the BeatBuddy to work with the Infinity looper

I hate making this the Pigtronix Forum, but I did want to share the 32gb card upgrade experience. The instructions I had indicated that all one had to do was install the card, connect the looper to the USB port and start the Pigtronix app. The app was supposed to find the card and format it for the Infinity. That did not work. Skipping all of the other things that did not work, here are the steps to upgrade the Infinity to a 32gb card on a Mac. This assumes you already have the Pigtronix app on your Mac, and it has been working as intended with the stock 8gb card.

  1. Get the free program, Etcher. Etcher lets you burn an image file to an SD card.
  2. Get the looperimage.img file. I got it from this link, post #11.
  3. Put your new blank SD card in a card holder & adapter and into a USB slot in your mac.
  4. Run Etcher, and follow the prompts to burn the image to the new SD card. Be sure to select the proper location to burn to, or you will mess things up on your computer, i.e., don’t burn an image to a hard drive. This would be bad.
  5. Once you have the card with the image burned onto it, install it in the Infinity. Have the Infinity powered off and disconnected from the USB port. Opening the install slot can be a little difficult. The card cover slides to the left (toward the inputs). It will the flip up on a hinge allowing the existing card to be removed.
  6. Install the new card, and remember, you have to slide the cover back to the right (toward the outputs) to get it to latch. Keep you old card in a safe place in case something goes wrong with the new card during the process. You can always reinstall the old card.
  7. With the unit still powered off, hold in the INPUT SPLIT BUTTON on the Infinity, and connect the power, continue to hold the button until you see the version numbers flash in preset window.

That gets it done. Now, disconnect the power, and connect the Infinity to the USB cable. Reconnect power, and once the unit is powered up, start the Pigtronix-Infinity app. If the app finds the Infinity, all went as planned, and you should now be able to use all 50 presets with 6 minute loops.

I just followed the instructions in the first post, choosing to set the options in the bb setting, which was the second one out of three options. I think this sent the timing info to the Infinity looper. It worked!

The light turns on on the infinity panel, indicating the first beat of the bb patterns, which is great! It helps snchronize bb and infinity with no delaying of bb side or guitar side of sounds going on.

Thank you!

Please explain the option you used . It’s a little confusing as to which is the second option you refer to. Thankyou

You are awesome.

I’ll let my wife know. Thanks.

I’m sure she knows. I read the whole thread and assume I will have problems when I sync up my new beat buddy with infinity looper. My supposedely brand new infinity looper did work fine ,but I had that problem where it has a short recording time. This is without even starting on beat buddy, infinity is fresh out of the box. So i read the fix and I understand. Quick question for anyone out there: is it a given that the infinity app does not work with windows 10. ?Should i just buckle down and buy a mac. ?Thanks in advance. Like all of you, no sense in wasting time on something that doesn’t work.

I know nothing about the Infinity PC app. Hopefully someone else can chime in. There are pluses and minuses to being Mac-based. For music, just about anything I would want is available, but I do have occasions where a legacy PC program is needed. I am finding that happens less and less, though, and about all I need a PC for anymore is to run X-edit for my GNX4. But even there, with my collection of amp sim pedals and the capabilities of AmpliTube and other modeling software, I find I don’t need the GNX4, either. That said, there is the whole gaming universe for PC that Mac can’t touch, so, it’s just a personal decision.

I’ve used Pigtronix Infinity software on Windows 10 - it works fine - If I recall correctly it did need to run it in an elevated process.
Right Click and run as ADMIN. viola.

Nice. thanks for the reply

Yes, the time per preset could only be increased by decreasing the number of allowable presets. With the original disk and 50 presets, I was getting about 1minute and 10 seconds per loop. With the disk size quadrupled, I actually got more than 4x the original loop length, exceeding 6 minutes per loop.

thankyou. I think I will finally have time to dig in today and give it a try.

Hello everybody,
Sorry for my english but I’m not an english speaking people.
My problem is: my beatbuddy doesn’t stop my infinity.
Everything works well, I have the 2.11 on the infinity and the latest on BB.
Need your help, I haven’t found any help in France.

Many users have changed the settings on their BB pedal to MIDI Sync Disabled. There is more info here

Thanks, persist, for this answer, but i’ve already tried and It doesn’t work.
I’ve tried: While Playing and Disable and the Infinity won’t stop 'til I hit the stop switch on it…
And I haven’t found something very explicit in the Infinity manual.
Let’s say my english is really poor and it can be explained and I didn’t understood…

maousse you may need to work with the inifinity looper forum people as well.

Most of the answers here on the forum came from Pigtronix many moons ago.

Regrettably, Pigtronix is no longer as responsive as they once were. Their customer support started to slide when they lost two of their developers and when they started focusing their attention on production of the Magnatone amps and Supro guitars.


Hi persists,
I’m so frustrated!
I’ve been trying Beatbuddy and Infinity Looper for 2 days now. My only problem I can not solve is that the looper sometimes plays a loop correctly and sometimes faster or at a different pitch. As a test, I have repeatedly taken the same song on the Beatbuddy and also tried all settings that have been discussed here in the forum. It makes no difference if I start the loops by midi or manually.
Sometimes the recorded loop becomes faster or slower after Beatbuddy stops, even though the song has not been changed. Is there no setting in which you can specify that the recorded loops will play exactly as they were recorded?

It sounds like a Varispeed issue with the Infinity. Here’s some things to try:

  1. Have you installed the latest firmware version on both the BB and the Infinity? If not, that’s your starting point.
  2. Disconnect the Infinity from the BB and try playing back the same loop on the Infinity that has speed and pitch problems as when connected to the BB. Does the playback of your loop play to tempo? If the loop stays in tempo and pitch, reconnect the BB and the Infinity. Make sure that the MIDI sync cables are connected properly.
  3. Here’s a link that might help you with the settings: Getting the BeatBuddy to work with the Infinity looper

Although I experienced the Varispeed effect a long time ago, after I followed the instructions from the link above, my Infinity and BB have played in perfect sync.

  1. Yeas its 2.11 on the infinity and 2.0.4 RC-4 on Beatbuddy
  2. Yes without connection to the BB the loop is in tempo and the pitch okay!
  3. All this i tried before without any success

Sometimes the pitch is 1 semitone higher and sometimes 12 semitones deeper. There is no continuity when connected to the BB

maybe that’s important?

I found out that the loops are synchronized with the beatbuddy when I do the following:

  • Record the loop and immediately playback the loop

When I do this, the pitch and tempo are not right:

  • Record a loop, stop recording, play the loop recorded later

I tested it 3 times and it was always the same. Does that help a little further?