How to make Onsong send song select to BB??

I’m struggling to get Onsong to tell BB what folder & kit to use.

I’m new to MIDI but based on another thread here I purchased and setup the following:
iPad Air 2, iRig BlueBoard, PUC+, MidiFlow app. I configured everything accordingly and it works…sort of.

The BlueBoard does indeed control the BB via the PUC+ so I know the connections are all good.

When I set the tempo in OnSong, BB responds correctly.

The problem is - I can’t get it to select a song.

In the OnSong editor I typed:

MIDI 0.4:1

I assume when I then open that song, the command should be sent and I should see the select in the BB window of folder 5, song 2. But that doesn’t happen. It DOES however change the tempo to whatever I have set for the song.

What am I missing??

Thanks in advance!

this is what works for me for folder 27 song 9

MIDI: 0.28:10

AND…if we have the syntax correct and it still will not change to a different folder/song, then what? I have been monkeying with OnSong and my Beat Buddy for literally hours trying to get a simple MIDI command in OnSong to move the Beat Buddy from one folder/song to another. There is only so many ways to put in the command MIDI:0.X:X and I have tried about all of them. I must have something in the hardware that is not configured correctly, but I have spent hours working with this as well. Why isn’t there a manual that will explain some of this stuff with some real examples? Geezeee… After hours of this hair-pulling I am beginning to agree with Joe Walsh… I think I had rather remain an ANALOG MAN.

I think your example is incorrect.
MIDI 0.4:1
Should open folder 3 and song 0

Sorry, but that’s not correct, the command needs a colon after the MIDI, and also MIDI: 0.0:0 will open the first song in the first folder.
The attached screenshot of Onsong shows the name of the song on the first line and the midi command on the next… It is important that the midi data is at the top of the page with no blank lines above… The command tells BB to open the 9th folder and go to the first song, the CC commands tell BB the tempo.
I use iPad to Puc+ to BB - don’t know much about the irig pedal, but try disconnecting it from the system and use the iPad to swipe between songs.
For what it’s worth, I have built my own Airturn style Bluetooth pedal board using a $20 Adafruit chip and 4 momentary switches… Much cheaper and works well…

Further to above, I have discovered a much easier way to start and stop the beatbuddy from within OnSong… You can assign one pedal to send a MIDI START/STOP command when you press it… See below for screenshot of setup. I now don’t need to touch the BB to start a song, and don’t have to do the double tap to stop it… Much easier for me…

C’est très difficile pour moi qui ne parle pas anglais de comprendre tout ce qu’il faut faire…les lignes de commande midi…où les mettre dans mes chansons sur OnSong pour lancer ma BB etc…
J’essaie de tout traduire avec mon traducteur sur mon iPad mais c’est difficile.
Quand existera t’ils un document traduit en plusieurs langues, à télécharger, pour nous les étrangers ?
Je ne dois pas être le seul français dans ce cas.
Merci d’avance

It is very difficult for me who does not speak English to understand everything what to do… noon… order lines where to put my songs on OnSong to launch my BB etc…
I try to translate everything with my translator on my iPad, but it’s hard.
When there will be you they a document translated into several languages, to download for us foreigners?
I can’t be the only french in this case.
Thanks in advance

Did you get the MIDI figured out?
If not, I can give you step by step instructions on how to put in the midi commands.
It is really very easy with OnSong.

Thank you for making the effort to translate your post. I know how difficult it is to ask for help in a language other than your mother tongue. I have recommended that the BeatBuddy folks translate their user guide into other languages with French being one of the priorities. They have acknowledged but have said nothing more. It also sounds like OnSong should do the same (if they haven’t already).

I finally have OnSong sending the right MIDI commands to BB to select a folder/song. Hallelujah!
Helpful tips:

  1. NO blank lines before your midi command line.
  2. Midi command on the line by itself - and no spaces afterward.
  3. Midi syntax that works for me: MIDI: 0.0:0
    Specifically: “MIDI”, followed by a COLON (not a semi-colon), then a space, then a 0 (no idea if/what any other value would do here), followed by a period (no space before or after), followed by the folder number (actually 1 less than the folder#), followed by a colon (again no spaces before/after), followed by the song number (1 less than the song# actually).
  4. You can extend the command to set the temp by adding a comma after the song, then a space, then CC106:0 then a comma and a space, then CC107:tempo
    where “tempo” is a number from 0-127. For tempo’s greater than 127, you change the CC106 command to: CC106:1 (that adds 128), and the CC107 command adds that number (confusing, I know). Ex: Beat of 158 would be CC106:1, CC107:30
    (because with CC106:1 that gets you the 1st 128, then it adds the CC107 value of 30. 128+30=158).

Here’s an example of selecting a song from the FOURTH folder (Country - which is actually number 3 in the command), SIXTH beat (which would be #5 in the command (Country 6- str 8). The temp is 123bpm
This example is from the song “17” by Cross Canadian Ragweed. Here’s exactly what the first few lines look like in the OnSong editor (Note: There would NOT be any blank lines before the {t:17} in the editor.). Here goes:

{st:Cross Canadian Ragweed}
MIDI: 0.3:5, CC106:0, CC107:123

[G]Sirens wale and a flashing light[G]
Nothin’ better to do on a Tuesday [C]night

Now, one thing left for me to crack and then I’ll be set. How to select different “drum sets” via a MIDI command? Is that possible?

Yes its possible I do it but I am not familiar with Onsong unfortunately

see post #4

Sweet Baby Jesus this is it!!
I added. CC116:x
And Voila! Success!
Thank you so very much Persist!


I know this thread is months old but I have just managed to changed drum kits in Onsong with the following command.


CC116(drumfolder):1(kit number)

The 116 is the command for drum kits. Followed by the number of the kit you want to use. For some reason the number does not start at 0 for the first kit. On my BB No.1 means No.1.


Rodders :):):slight_smile:

Thank you, Dave, Bob et al. These posts sum up pretty much everything I need to make my OnSong select a song and tempo, and even a drum kit for my setlists with MIDI commands to the BB. A few example screen shots, with a description of what they do, and succinct instructions really do it. Maybe its all in the manuals, but it seemed Greek to me.

Go my BB MIDI cable last week, and my MIDI iPad interface is supposed to arrive this week, so I can test it all out :slight_smile:

Here’s a little tutorial that I already shared in another thread too. Probably not answering all questions here, though.

It’s amazing, but I learned more here than I did on the videos. Thanks for taking the time to " slow it down" a little.

Is there something you’re asking for beyond quoting a reply?