Is there a single midi command to start a transition, have it stop transition after one iteration, and begin the next song part?

Hello, I have the Beatbuddy and love it. I am also using the Behringer FCB1010 midi controller floorboard with it. I have figured out how to set up a footswitch on the FCB1010 to start a song, do a drum fill, and stop it. I also have one footswitch assigned for a transition to song part 2 but I have to hit it twice otherwise it just keeps looping. Is there a midi command that will behave like the pedal after a song part is already playing? …I want to hit a footswitch just once to do that. If so can you tell me what command that is? I have read the entire midi controls manual and can only find reference to a CC command that starts a transition with a value that indicates a transition to a given song part or ‘next’ song part. But I can’t find a single command that will initiate the transition, stop the transition after one iteration, and then initiate the next song part. I’ve tried to set up the FCB1010 with those three commands but it isn’t working.

Also, does the Beatbuddy automatically send a midi clock / temp signal? Or do I need to set it up to turn it on? Does it work the same with midi-through vs midi-out? Or do I need to to set it to one or the other?

Notes for reference - I have my midi signal chain set up this way (at least this is my ideal):

Connections: Behringer FCB1010 midi out > BB midi in > BB midi out to Line 6 HX Stomp midi in > Line 6 HX Somp midi out to Pigtronix Infinity Looper mid in


FCB1010 floorboard

  • Start/Stop/Transition commands to Beatbuddy

  • Loop initiation commands to Pigtronix Infinity Looper

  • Patch change commands to Line6 HX Stomp


  • Midi through for FCB1010 commands to Line 6 HX Stomp and Pigtronix Looper

  • Midi out commands for clock/tempo signal to Line 6 HX Stomp & Pigtronix Looper

Line6 HX Stomp

  • Receive clock/tempo from BB

  • Midi through for FCB1010 and BB commands above

Pigtronix Looper

  • Receive FCB1010 loop initiation commands

  • Receive BB clock/tempo commands from BB


If you haven’t seen it, there’s a spreadsheet which lists the BB midi command implementation

BB does send MIDI clock but I can’t remember if it’s enabled by default.

In terms of the transition I think you are wanting this bit:

CC Number Value Action Firmware version added
CC-113 [1-127] Starts song transition (Selects the next part)
1: Starts transition, will jump to Part 1 on exit
2: Starts transition, will jump to Part 2 on exit
3: Starts transition, will jump to Part 3 on exit
126: Starts transition, will jump to previous part on exit
127: Starts transition, will jump to next part on exit

Transition will continue looping until value is changed to 0.
It is possible to start a song with a transition.
0 Quits the transition and go to specified part
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Thanks. Extremely helpful. So it looks like the BB is expecting two commands sequentially (to start the transition and then go to the next song part) cc-113 [127] and then cc-113 [0]. Am I reading that correctly? I’m still a midi novice so I may not be. If that is correct I guess I’ll have to see if my Behringer midi floorboard can send two sequential commands with one tap of a switch.

There has already been some discussion on this, you may wanna check these out (there may be other posts too - search for cc113)

It look like you may find that starting the transition and cc113:0 on the same button press will mean that the transition is cancelled. A good way of doing it would be to start the transition on button press and stop the transition on button release (or second press) if your controller can do that. That way you can have the transition run for as long as you need before jumping parts.

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EXTREMELY helpful. Thanks!

This is how I do it on my Line 6 Helix. I set the stomp button to be momentary and use a CCToggle command which sends the start transition followed by the 0 when released. You don’t have to hold down the button to get the transition. The end transition will take effect at the end of the current transition. Very handy!!

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Great idea. The Behringer FCB1010 midi pedal board I don’t think offers momentary switch capability out of the box but there is an EPROM upgrade I believe that will make it possible. It’s something I’ve been considering for other reasons and now it sounds like I have another. Very helpful, thanks

You need to upgrade the original chip to a Uno chip or the Tinybox. I use the Fcb1010 to control my Beatbuddy. The switch has to be a momentary stomp switch that send one command on pressing and then the 0 command to finish the transition on release. I upgraded to the Tinybox. or search for the uno chip. You probably should start with upgrading the original chip to the Uno chip and purchase their control center software.

Hi not the cheapest solution, but I did find a workaround. I got a Midi Solutions Event Processor and programmed it to send out two commands when it saw a 113 value >0. The first repeated the command to ensure the messages arrive at the BB in the right order and the second sends 113 - 0 to end the transition. Happy to post screenshots of my settings if anyone needs them.

Two words of caution that got me for a while… Its midi powered so make sure whatever you are plugging into the IN of the event processor supports midi power (both Helix and BB are fine) and secondly it uses Sysex to program itself so make sure your USB midi interface passes Sysex messages (Helix does not!). Once its programmed you dont need the Sysex support.

Anyway hope that digs someone out of a hole!

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