Issues with selecting songs in a Playlist using Midi

I set up about 137 songs in the beat buddy. I have them in two different folders. I set up a tablet to send the correct MIDI signals to open each song when I select it on the tablet.

I added 97 songs to playlist 1 from folder 1. I then added 40 songs to playlist 2 from folder 2. Song selection worked fine a couple of weeks ago. I could select any of the songs from the tablet and they would be selected on the BB just fine.

Today, none of the songs in playlist 2 will come up. All of the songs in playlist 1 still work just fine. I’ve tried deleting the playlist and recreating it, still doesn’t work.

Between this and the sync issues, this is starting to get really annoying.

I went back to the firmware before 4.1.2 and it works fine.

I went back to 4.0.1

I responded here


I’m not using onsong. I’m using an app called Open SongApp on an android tablet. I guess I don’t understand how the MIDI commands have changed.

I programmed the MIDI commands for each song on my tablet. I used the following for Playlist 1 : LSB=111 PC=0 for the first song in the playlist, all the way up to song 98 ( LSB=111 PC=97).

I used the following for Playlist 2:
LSB=112 PC=0 for song 1 in a playlist 2.

Firmware version 4.0.1 works just fine and accurately selects the song in the beat buddy, Aeros, and my VLX3.

When I tried this with 4.1.2, the MIDI signals would only open the songs from playlist 1 on the BB. The Aeros and VLX3 stopped working at all.

I’m attaching pictures of the MIDI commands I was using for version 4.0.1

If these commands will no longer work, how do I need to set this up?

The Aeros was using an MSB command and. PC command for song selection via MIDI.

The VLX3 had 500 presets on it. The MIDI command for selecting the preset is LSB=0 PC=0- 127 to select one of the presets between 1 and 128. LSB=1 PC 0-127 selects the next 128 songs and so on.

Are you saying that it is still not working even when set to Aeros Mode?

Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI In settings > Program Change (PC)

Hey. I have the BB on version 4.1.3. I have the Aeros on version 4.3.1.

The MIDI song selection is working. Thank you for being patient with me.

I would be using Version 5.0 with the Aeros right now but since the MIDI song select isn’t working yet, I’m going to hanger where I’m at. I can at least practice and use it for gigging like this. Thanks again.

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