Ive screwed up

ive lost all my SD card info while using beatbuddy manager ,I cant find how to get it back , im a techno FUD please help

Important to know first what could have caused your problem so as to not make the same mistake again and land in this situation. I’m guessing that you might have used a period (or some other unsupported character) in naming a song and when that happens, it usually wipes out the data in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and sometimes—but not always—on your SD card as well.

There could be other causes and let’s try to resolve that first with some troubleshooting. Do you still have the content (beats, songs, etc) displayed in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM)?

  1. If this is the case, make sure your SD card is unlocked and place it in your computer SD slot reader. Use the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) File > Export > Project to SD card and accept the prompts for future synchronization. Eject your SD card from your computer and with the power off on your pedal, insert the card and then power it up. Does your content now appear on your pedal?
  2. If the answer to question 1 was “no,” then here’s the next step: use the BBM File > Open Project, select the project and press Open. How about now—any songs or content load and show up in the BBM? If not, no worries, go to the next step.
  3. Click this link in your browser Download SD Card backup v2.0
  • once the download completes, (it will take a few minutes if you have a slow Internet connection),
  • unzip the file;
  • place your unlocked SD card in your computer SD slot reader, and
  • copy the contents you just unzipped to your unlocked SD card (if the contents were unzipped to a folder, copy the contents—not the folder and contents);
  • once complete you’ll get a prompt to save the contents of your SD card to your computer as a project; accept the prompt and save the project with a new name. You should get another prompt to synchronize future changes to your SD card; accept the prompt.

If your problem is more complex than this, it might help to read the user quick start guide and manual for the BeatBuddy (BB) Helpful BeatBuddy (BB) and BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) links and then follow the instructions at General Disaster Recovery

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Thanks , it worked with new download and there is extras like ballads and Dave’s sounds , is that supposed to be there