Just bit the bullet and bought a BB, but questions remain…

I am reluctant, without the autopilot feature, to purchase- but I did anyway. Hoping Autopilot eventually sees the light of day. Can someone tell me:

  1. What’s the maximum size SD card that can be used on the device?
  2. How many typical length OP songs can be stored on the card?
  3. Is the 3.5mm output stereo or mono?

My BB should arrive in 7 days.


Check out the QuickStart Guide. It’s within this link

32 GB SDHC CLASS 10 SD card can hold 1000s of songs and 100s of drum sets.

Thank you. I think there’s an error somewhere in that message. When I go to “this page” there is no Downloads tab, nor any link to download any content from what I can see. Any update to that page link maybe???

It looks like Singular “updated” the page. Go to the bottom of the page and click on Support. You’ll get taken to a page with products listed. In the Beat Budy section, there is a downloads area. Get yourself the manual and the Quick Start guide.

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Support – Singular Sound

My apologies for the misdirect. I’ll fix it ASAP