Loading files to sd card

Am i correct in thinking that the files must be PBF files in order to transfer to an SD card. I am not good with computers and i am struggling. I use a Windows system.

They do not have to be pbf files.

Since you have made no mention yet of the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) in your other NO SONGS thread Card not recognized by the BeatBuddy, you must use the BBM to manage the songs, folders (.pbf) and drum sets in your project. The BeatBuddy and BBM use their own method for managing all of that data and you should not be using Windows to do so. So if you have not installed the BBM, you need to do that now. You can find the BBM for PC here: Download For PC
You need to learn the location on your computer where the BBM stores its files. When you install the BBM for the first time, the process also requires you to complete the install of the folders for the bbworkspace folder, which is usually found in your user/Documents folder.

Are you using the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) to export or synchronize your project to your SD card? If not, that’s the starting point.

Since I assume you’re still having problems getting your pedal to recognize your songs, it might be time to do the following:

  1. If you have not done so already, download and read the Quick Start Guide from this link
  2. You can also read the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) Manual located here BeatBuddy Manual(Printer Friendly Version)
  • Since I have no idea what could have gone wrong with what you are trying to do, it also might be best to start over
  • Download and unzip the SD Card backup v2.1 Download SD Card backup v2.1 to your desktop so that it’s easy to find
  • Also download and unzip the firmware file to your desktop. They’re here: * Download the latest firmware (contains BeatBuddy’s sobriety function)
  • Put your unlocked SD card in your computer SD slot reader
  • Select all the contents on that SD card and delete them; make sure you empty your Recycle Bin
  • Copy the firmware files to your empty SD card
  • Copy the contents of the SD card backup v2.1 folder to the SD card
  • Eject or remove the SD card from your computer and with the power off on your pedal, insert the SD card and then plug it into the power. Allow it to update the firmware on your pedal—do not unplug the pedal—should take a little less than a minute
  • You should see the folders and within those genre folders, the songs. Are you seeing them?
  • If not you might be better off contacting Support, support@singularsound.com and asking them to help you get up and running. It’s going to take a few days for them to get back to you so make sure their email reply doesn’t end up in your email spam or junk folders

If you are seeing the songs, you now need to copy the project from your SD card to your computer.

  • Put the SD cars in your computer slot reader
  • Open the BBM File - Open - Project (navigate to your SD card and press Open)
  • Accept the prompt to save project to your computer (navigate to user/Documents/bbworkspace/user_lib/Projects and press Open)
  • Accept the prompt to synchronize your project to the SD card
  • Once the process completes, your project is now available to the BBM on your computer. This is where you edit and manage BeatBuddy (BB) songs, folders and drum sets.
  • When you edit your project using the BBM, you use File - Synchronize Project to SD card