Locating certain drum kits

I’ve downloaded the kits I needed but I am still missing a few.
Used the search function but some dropbox links are broken or it tries to take you to the old forum.

I see Phil reorganised his dropbox a while ago and renamed some files.
Hunted most of them down but can anyone assist if there are new names, whether it exists anymore or even reupload the .drm?

Stax Fiddle
NP Bosendorfer jazz trio centered
NP Standard bass rhodes
Stax standard pro bass
NP e-piano & 4001 bass xrp


Not aware of any kit by this name

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Stax Fiddle - https://www.dropbox.com/s/s2g3lcxsdbzej1g/STAX_FIDDLE.drm?dl=0

NP Bosendorfer jazz trio centered - seach for Bosendorfer. any of the Bosendorder trio kits shoud work

NP Standard bass rhodes - https://www.dropbox.com/s/k94vcl4lr2gh7pl/NP_Standard_Bass_Rhodes.drm?dl=0

Stax standard pro bass -I have no idea what this is. I would not have used the names STAX and Standard ro together.

NP e-piano & 4001 bass xrp - Electric Jazz Trio 72+C1 (NP Electric Jazz Trio - all versions, NP E-Piano & 4001 Bass)

amazing gents
thank you