Loop set list for live performance

I use the Aeros looper for live performance in a band. Looping is great, but bending down and chainging the loop is a drag. Having a live performance feature to add loops to and rearrange in a set list would be awesome! Trigger with foot start stop change loop etc.


@doclamb0 with a midi foot controller you can access your set list (from stopped position) and scroll up and down to select your pre-saved song (which can be blank 6x6 or 2x2 etc).

Thanks JusDandy…. Any specific foot controller you recommend? It would take up more floor space……since I use an 8 pedal board and guitar synth.

I went with the Morningstar MC6 as it was a bit less money than Midi Maestro and a smaller footprint. There’s great support from the manufacturer and fellow users.(MC8 is more money and a bit larger but will give you two more switches)

Hey there,

We have a lot of changes coming soon that may cover this including the ability to have subfolders on the Aeros, this could be a specific setlist.

The BeatBuddy will soon be able to send Song select messages, meaning you could switch to specific songs using the BeatBuddy to change songs.

Thanks for the request, but we will not be building a setlist feature specifically, so I will tag this as #considered

You can use a Smartphone with “midi to usb cable” to open list, scroll, select song and other functions
just need a smartphone with midi possibilities!

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Good Day - I just got the looper yesterday and I’m with ya. Great and easy to use from just a few hours of jamming but does sux not having a set list for the song loops to be controlled by the wheel/triggers, that’s the greatness of this looper, Foot Control! Hope the folders will be good for lists and have the ability to arrange the songs as needed and not just A-Z or by date.