Loop trail mode

Depends, can you explain what “fade to mute” would do exactly? And can it be done singly with each track or mix and match as in if we wanted to fade track 1, 3, 6 but not the others etc?

It’s not a real thing just yet so this is not yet detailed, but from what David’s said to me, he’d like it to be based on a mute setting where if enabled and the mute is going to wait for a sync point (and is not immediate) the track would fade out to digital black and then the track would then mute.

As far as how this would be done, I’m not yet fully sure, but in essence since mute commands can be sent to individual tracks it should be doable in the way you are describing, yes.

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I like that idea, Brennan. Any chance that fade-ins may be a possibility, too? If you’re doing soundscapes with overdubs, they sound abrupt when you first hit play, so you’d first have to go into the mixer, turn everything down, and then gradually bring in.


It would probably be something worth considering, this is likely a nice additional feature that will come later, you can bring it up again or make a request to follow this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks, Brennan. Has someone already brought it up or should I put in a request?

No one has specified Mute Fade in/out in a request yet, so you are free to make one!

Also checked, and fade in is part of the feature request in our repo, thanks again for the commitment :slight_smile: