Midi cable to TRS hack

Hi all,
just sharing this little DIY hack if you use midi connection between BB and boss devices with TRS midi in/out.
Initially I bought both cables;

  1. BB midi breakout cable,
  2. 5pin midi din to trs from Boss.
    They did work; but something was bugging me.
    I ended up with the long cable mess and big midi connections which took extra space and also added extra weight to the pedalboard.
    I checked everywhere on the net for a simple solution to this but it never existed. so I thought of this hack in my mind.

So I bought a PS/2 connection cable for less than £3 (amazon) and couple of good TRS connection plugs for £10 (amazon) and soldered them configuring the proper wire connections.
The DIY cable is very light and takes no space at all in the pedalboard. And yes it works like a charm.

Here is the photo of my cable.