Mute bug (can't mute) when using mixer

Hello there,

I’ll leave here the steps so you can try it out.
1 - On 6x6, recorded 3 tracks.
2 - Select part - leave the highlighted square on top of the Plus sign
3 - Enter Mixer - holding the left pedal
4- Try to mute any of the tracks and they carry on playing, they don’t turn grey. But if I quit the mixer, they are grey on the “normal screen”, and are still playing.

Let me know if you can fix it!

Thank you,

Hi there, what version of the Aeros firmware are you using? The latest is 4.3.1 and the 5.0.0 beta is up already for testing.

Hi Brennan,

I’m using version 4.3.1.

No problem with this on 5.0.2

Alright, I’ll wait for version 5.0.x to come out on wifi, since i’m not confident enough to try to do it with an SD card.

As soon as that happens, I’ll give this a try and will reply here.
Thank you,