New User - How Do I get User Generated Songs into BB Manager?

Can someone point me to instructions on how I import user generated content into my BB Manager? I can’t find instructions anywhere and its driving me crazy. Some downloads have bunch of files in a zipped file. Several .sng files and a midi file. Here’s an example


Hi JackB1

Here’s some useful links

To get your *.sng files into BBM, use the File > Import > Song menu. If a download is *.zip, it usually just means that other interesting files are included, such as a chord or lyric sheet. *.mid files are typically the original source midi file which was used in creating the *.sng file for use with the BB. It’s included in case you want to redo the conversion - for example you might want it in a different key.

If you see a *.pbf file (not a *.pdf) it’s a folder file (ie a collection of *.sng files) which is imported using File > Import > Folder menu.

In your example the zip includes a lyric and chord sheet pdf, the original midi file and several versions of the song. The __MACOSX folder is an artifact of the zip being created on a Mac computer, and can be safely ignored.

If you got the file from this post

the author has hinted at what’s included.