No bass sounding with drum+bass drm and sng with bass?

Have loaded a song and drum with bass. Bass plays in BBM. Once after press ing peddle randomly for 5 minutes bass sounded while using the BB. But now 20 minute stomping and no bass!

Put SD card in BBM and there’s bass!!!

I’ve sold my soul to the devil trying to figure this out, but I’ve made the same sale 100X’s.

Hard to figure out the way you are describing your issue.

It could be that your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) project expects your project to be located on your BBW but instead it’s on your SD card.

I understand that it’s hard to figure out what I am doing … cuz I don’t know. :slight_smile: Seriously, though.

On my BB pedal if I load the Hotel California song (the bass plays on this song if I press Start on MM twice or the pedal twice) and play that first, then load stuck in the middle, then the bass will play for stuck in the middle.

In BBM, I have the SD card in my mac when I’m trying to play it in BBM. Do I click on play? Do I click on the pedal?

How do I know If it is located in BBworkstation?

If you were my neighbour I’d have you over for a good steak … but instead, Thanx!

And can you recommend a midi editor. The one in BBM on my mac is impossible to navigate through.

Doesn’t your Mac have an SD slot reader? You might be better off using that instead of connecting your pedal via a USB cable. If you don’t have an internal slot reader, it might be better to buy an external USB media reader and use that.

I know you’ve reported problems accessing the user manuals but they are a key starting point. If you’re still having problems downloading, maybe it’s time to try a different browser i.e., Chrome or Firefox.

There are several tutorials in this forum as well as online that can help.

I’m hesitant to recommend a DAW because of all the issues you’re having with your Singular Sound eco system. You might want to get those sorted out before jumping off the deep end with a DAW.

You could really benefit from a hand-holding session with Support. Ask them if they can help you over the phone or via a TeamViewer session.

Yes I’m Using my Mac with an SD reader … sorry if I wasn’t clear … it’s what I meant by “SD card in my Mac”. :confused:

I asked for a “hand holding session” LOL I was told that they don’t support Bass Instrument Plus Drums as they do not offer these (that Users are “hacking” the ability for BB to play the Bass Instrument so to ask for help in the forum).

Sorry to hear that but I think the issues you are having are much more basic than just the one-press songs.

Here’s a thread that you might find helpful resources

I’ll post a video of the problem’z I’m having. I’m actually quite midi and tech savy. : The problem I’m working on now at 5 AM my time since 10 pm LOL to hear the bass in Stuck in the Middle Sng (from this forum) which is using the Drum “NP StdBass 63-91” I have to first play Hotel California (again from this forum) which uses “Sub-Std Pro SWN Bass 62-91”. I f I do not play Hotel California first, Stuck In The Middle, has no bass.

And that’s both in BBM and just the BB.

Here’s one of the problems … Thanx

Using Maestro (not BB or aeros … I’m obviously knackered) to start and stop or BB makes no difference.

Again Thank you.

Here’s what I think might help on both songs. Since the main body for both songs are in the Outro, go into the BBM and move the main body of the song from the Outro to the Intro and see if the MM will stop it now (after you Export or Synchronize from your BBM to your pedal). I think it will allow you to start the song with a single tap now as well.

Mac users gravitate toward Logic Pro X; I think Apple still offers a 30-day free trial; the other DAW that Mac users use is Reaper.

When the main body of the song is placed within the Outro section, it requires a double-tap to start and it should end automatically once the song completes playing the entire cycle. This works reasonably well for users that don’t have or use a looper but it causes some of the issues you are running into. If you want to end it sooner than that, you can set your BB pedal to triple-tap for stop. What it means for the MM, I don’t know as I don’t have an in-depth experience with it.

Since you are using the AEROS and the MM, it may be easier to move the song from the Outro to the Intro section in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) and this may help with your start and stop.

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Aeros Loops Song.

You think this will solve that the bass for Stuck In The Middle only plays after playing Hotel California ?? :slight_smile:

It should solve one issue but I don’t know about the other.

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I am reading the manual. Thx.

Can you tell me if the crash is too loud in this song? Or is it me?

HOTEL (157.8 KB)