Noisy footswitches when recording vocals


I was looping vocals at home and while it is great that I can hit record and then the recording starts on the right bar, then when closing the loop i have noticed that the click from the foot-switch is noisy enough to be picked up from the mic (even though the looper is on the floor, on thick carpet.) Especially if I have delay on my vocal, then the click is even more noticeable. Is there a way to make the switches silent somehow? Maybe by putting rubber around it or something?

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Midi footswitch of your choice that is quieter?

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Any recommendations?
The Maestro is too expensive for my budget now.
Would BOSS FS-6 / FS-7 work?

The Maestro is just as noisy as the Aeros. Nektar has a quiet switch that was mentioned here on the Forum in the past couple weeks.

It’s the Nektar Pacer. The footswitch is the type of switch used in the FS 6 and 7, but you need something that is midi programmable to trigger the Aeros.

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This is too huge. I would need much smaller (1-3 footswtiches).
Are there any alternatives ?

I use ictrl-r-mini

You might want to consider how many footswitches you will need to control Aeros using the current midi implementation:

I don’t how I could get by with as few as 3 foot switches. I find 4 too few on the Aeros, itself. If I only had a midi controller with only one button, I guess it might be start/stop only. Not very useful, and certainly not a replacement for the Aeros buttons.

Well i feel totally fine with the 4 footswitches on the Aeros. I only want the rec switch to be less noisy. And i already utilise the midi in for clock sync… I guess then it is just not possible? The expression pedal input would not work for control pedals, and there is no plan for that?

This is very interesting. How do you use it?
Can you use it over bluetooth only or USB? (since my midi i/o are already occupied)

Morningstar has 3, 6, and 8 button controllers that are very well designed.

Th Aeros only supports midi (din), not bluetooth, wifi, or usb.

Would be great if we are able to midi sync clock through USB.
Is it possible to use a midi footswitch that I send a clock to and then to send that thru to the Aeros? Then I can utilize the clock as well as the footswitches!

Some of the products from Disaster Area Designs would fit the bill, but they aren’t cheap. I use the SMARTClock Gen3, which is $179.99. It has one button (!) for a midi command if you like, along with tap midi clock send to all other devices.

I suggested in the past, to use the touch screen to implement a silent stop switch…

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Yes assuming you have midi thru setup. Really depends on your exact devices and setup.

I am using Machine MK3 (hardware & software) as a master clock device.
And I already have couple of loopers & effects synced up.
Is there a silent Footswitch with Midi in & Midi thru? (one footswitch would be enough, I need it only for the start rec/close rec function)

this is not a bad idea actually :slight_smile:

This device has midi through, but doesn’t offer SYSEX commands. I used SYSEX start/stop to control Aeros in the past, but I don’t know if it is required now.

Thats cool, but i need the start/stop thru commands to work too… and i dont know if those switches are more silent…

Midi through works on that switch. I’m talking about the midi commands to start/stop Aeros recording.

When I used midi to control Aeros, I used SYSEX ‘stop’ to stop recording. Hopefully there is a CC command that does that so you don’t need to consider SYSEX.

Hopefully, someone with more experience using midi to control Aeros start/stop can chime in with the proper CC to stop recording…?

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