NuCajon + Percussion + Upright bass (9.4 MB) (17.2 MB)

Blends together:

Re-mapped to work right out of the box with existing songs mapped to Standard or Brushes kits with no missing sounds. This kit is great to easily turn any song into a laid-back or acoustic version.

Of all of the cajon kits I’ve tried, Nuskyn’s blends the most cleanly with the stock percussion samples. I pitch-shifted and filtered samples so that every instrument is covered.

Version 1.1 fixes problems where brushes played on fast 16ths would sound out of sync.


Thank you so much for sharing the kit! This would be great for my solo gigs!

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Thank you so much devlavaca, for sharing this.
I was able to download and install the drum sets, but I don’t have the Bass sounds. How do I get the bass sounds that go along with your drum set?

You need to have a user-created content song that includes the bass. Search for OPB (one-press bass) songs.

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So, I have figured out how to see the “instruments” in my drum set. In the NuCajun with Bass, it has the wav files for the bass sounds. What do I do now so that I hear them?
Sorry, I think I understand your answer now. None of the default songs use the bass sounds that are in this drum kit. I would need a song that uses those wav files. Thanks so much… again.

@MikeGaur, the bass sounds start on MIDI key #0 to #31 range with #4 for E0 bass sound. You will need to transpose down your MIDI bass notes to this range to be able to hear them.