Pause/start function

Hi guys, I’m trying to use the optional controller (original singular sound two buttons) for pause and restart the BeatBuddy when I’m performing but I’m blocked by a feature: the BeatBuddy continues to count the tempo and unpause from the point it is at. I play 50s rock’n’roll and rockabilly and you know that there are many pauses in the songs but they aren’t perfectly on the measures, sometimes there are more than 4 beats or sometimes needs some breath to make the groove. (sorry for my little English). How could I do to restart, after the pause, from the first beat of the song (without the intro)? Thanks for the help

BB settings>main pedal>mute pause>set to midi actived this top looper and beatbuddy and restart both at the first beat

Disable count in

is that you want ?

Hi there,

I just want to make sure you are not confusing Stop and Pause. When the BeatBuddy is Paused, the screen is black.

The only way to pause is by using an external footswitch or a MIDI controller. The BeatBuddy does not play an intro if you pause and unpause using the footswitch. Unless I misunderstand you, the BeatBuddy already does this. Please make sure you are at least on version 3.8.0 or try out beta version 4.1.1

Let me know if this was helpful!

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Thanks a lot Brennan, I’m using the external footswitch (original Singular Sound) and, of course, it doesn’t play the intro with pause/unpause; the problem is that BeatBuddy plays always a fill to restart after unpause and it isn’t fine ever; I play rockabilly and fifties rock’n’roll so the pause/unpause is a tipical phrasing that needs versatility. I’m using 4.0.1 firmware

Thanks for the answer

If you tap the same external footswitch again while paused it unpauses by default, this happens without a fill