Pay someone to make me a setlist

Hi Guys! I have a setlist I would like to recreate using the beatbuddy. Unfortunately I don’t have the time to make them all and I have a gig in one month. Was wondering if anybody would be willing to make my setlist of songs for me which I will pay for. Or if someone could teach me how to do it properly which I will also pay for. Let me know!

Sent you a private message. Check your forum inbox.

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I’m curious: What’s on your setlist?

If you would like to use one-press songs with bass (OPB) and other instruments, you can search the forum to see what’s already been posted by forum users. Maybe that’ll help to fill out your setlist (most of the songs you find will be in OPB format). If you’re doing a Christmas show, I posted a compilation here Christmas persist Xmas - Compilation

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