Problem after installing firmware version 3.2.0--display all messed up


I just installed the new firmware 3.2.0 and now the main screen only displays a flickering volume percentage, metronome and measure marker. I cannot see the song information at all. I have placed the headphone volume at 100% but no improvement. This is really not useable and very disappointing. My unit worked fine before the firmware upgrade and now pretty useless. I need to get this fixed ASAP. I saw a few comments about similar problems, but never saw any definitive solution. Please assist.

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You can try redownloading, unzipping and copying the 5 firmware files to the SD card and see if that helps. If that doesn’t help, you can revert to the previous firmware version

Singular Sound has been working on fixing the problem and it’s being beta tested now so they may have an update soon.

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Thanks for attempting to help me. Unfortunately trying to reload the upgrade did not work. What was firmware version before this latest junk upgrade and where would I find it on SS website? What a joke!! I thought upgrades were supposed to make the product better…and there was nothing I really wanted in the upgrade anyway…just trying to keep the product current. It would have been nice if SS had sent out a warning instead of the inane emails that they periodically send out, or the marketing pushes for the stupid cabli.

Thanks again, I really appreciate any help you can offer to make the product useful again.

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I think it was v2.7 and as soon as I find it I’ll post a link or upload it here. Sorry 3.2 has been causing issues.

UPDATE: Here’s the link New BeatBuddy Firmware (2.7.0 "The Tempo Update")

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Thanks so much.

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Same problem for me as well, going to try installing previous firmware see if that will fix the issue


Thanks also…gonna try a re-install of V2.7.0