New BeatBuddy Firmware (2.7.0 "The Tempo Update")

New Firmware Release Notes (2.7.0 “The Tempo Update”)

Tap Tempo Overhaul

One of the main focuses of this update was to improve the ease of use and accuracy of the BeatBuddy’s Tap Tempo functionality. With this in mind we made a few key improvements:

  1. The BeatBuddy now rounds Tap Tempo to the nearest whole integer, avoiding non-whole number BPM values (e.g. 120.54 BPM).
  2. We added new behavior which adjusts the Tap tempo to the current time signature. So if the beat is 6/8 you will be tapping to the 8th notes (not to the quarter notes as previously)
  3. We also made changes to the BeatBuddy’s Tempo UI Screen, now whenever the tempo is adjusted it brings up a screen with tempo in big numbers, which are easily read from standing distance. This should result in more visual feedback at a glance, helping to further improve the ease of use for BeatBuddy’s Tempo function.
  4. Lastly, if you’re tapping out the tempo with the button, footswitch, or an external controller, the main pedal no longer does tap tempo and can be used to start a song immediately, even in the tap tempo screen. The exception to this is if you entered tap tempo mode by holding down the main pedal while the song was stopped (then the main pedal acts like the tap button).

Enable/Disable Outro Fills

You now have the ability to disable outros in the BeatBuddy’s settings. This was requested often, and behaves similarly to the already present ability to enable/disable intros.

More MIDI Commands

We’ve begun to implement some more functionality into the BeatBuddy in preparation for our upcoming pedals. These changes include:

  1. The ability to control tempo incrementally using custom CC messages. (CC-80 for increment and CC-81 for decrement, with the value of command representing the size of increment/decrement)
  2. Previous part command for CC-113 when value is 126.

Other Updates

  1. Added long name support (up to 256 characters)
  2. Added support for MIDI notes as accent hits
  3. Added support for Human Readable Name (HRN) drumsets in metadata

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed potential bug with MIDI merge
  2. Fixed outro called from external footswitch bug

Download here


Known Bugs

  • Using MIDI commands to change the tempo results in the new tap tempo screen staying on indefinitely. You should be able to clear the screen by starting a song if this happens to you. Our developer is working on a fix.

Also, a video from David which shows the new UI:


When I access the tap tempo screen via a MIDI command (direct BPM command, tap tempo command, increment or decrement command) it stays on the tempo screen indefinitely; this is not what happens when you adjust tempo via the tempo knob, tap with external switch, etc. Any suggestions?

can you turn off tap tempo?

Video on how to do the update:

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I don’t want to turn off tap tempo - I want the screen to go away after a few seconds. It doesn’t do that when I get to the screen via a MIDI command.

This is a new behavior for 2.70 as opposed to 2.0.4 that I was using previously.

Sounds like a bug we weren’t able to catch. Sending it to our dev and we’ll get a fix for it soon!

Edit: Dev is working on a fix, in the meantime if you start a song the screen should go away @Adamixoye

Anthony - thanks. I did find that it goes away if you start the song, but under certain conditions it’s very important for me to confirm which song I’m on!


Greetings from The Netherlands, and thanks Singularsound, for this usefull firmware update !
Maybe in a future update it’s possible when you double tap for the end of the song, you can choose a 2 - 4 or 8 bar fadeout .
At this time i’m using a volume pedal, but then you need a sharp coordination…
Another BIG wish is a simple internal ambience/reverb function so you can use dry samples, and add reverb when needed, depending on the location ( saves drumkit memory too) but for this time, i like my BB very, very much

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I use Midi command in forScore to select Beat, Set Tempo, Drumset and Start. This leaves The TEMPO Big Screen on. Very distracting. Is there a midid command to turn it off

Not at the moment, this is a bug we’re aware of that should be fixed next version.

Upgraded to 2.7.0 and now the pedal when powering up cues up the last song that was used. In the previous firmware the main list of song categories would display on power up. Is this an undocumented change or do I have something else going on. I looked through the settings quickly and didn’t see anything related to how to change how the BB boots up.
If this is indeed a change of how it boots, can I revert to v2.04 without a problem?

Don’t know if it’s an intended change but if you can’t get used to it, you can revert to the previous f/w version. The process is the same as for updating—copy all 5 files to the top level of the card and allow the pedal to complete the update process. You might have to reset your pedal settings again, though.

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Weird… reloaded up the v2.04 f/w and it still loads the last loaded song rather than showing the folders like it used to. Is the last loaded song the normal boot for others here?
I can get used to it, but bothered me more that it’s doing something different that it didn’t do that way prior to the upgrade. I did like having the folders show first, rather than having to back track out of a song to go to a different song when booting up the BB.

My beat buddy aways boots up to the last song played. I haven’t updated yet.

I tested 2.0.4 on several SD cards and each one powers up to the last song that was playing.

I tried a bunch of stuff to try and replicate the boot to folders and I can only think that somehow when I originally did the 2.04 update something didn’t take quite right and the last song wasn’t retained.

There is a folder called PARAMS, which contains two INI files. One defines the firmware used and the footswitch setup and the other retains the last song loaded. Interestingly if I delete the TEMP.INI file from the card the BB will create a new TEMP.INI file and even does so if the card is locked which surprised me. If I make the TEMP.INI a ‘read only’ file the BB creates another TEMP file with an extension like .IN~ .

It’s just a change I’ll have to get used to :slight_smile:



Tried to update and I’ve bricked my beat buddy!

Won’t power up. I’ve tried wiping the
memory card and downloading the default files. Deleted the manager and reinstalled.

Manager works, and files are there for the virtual beat buddy on my Mac, but the pedal won’t power up. Tried everything I can find in this forum.

Man, I knew I should have left well enough alone, but I tried the update.

Now I’m stuck, and been at it all afternoon.

Power sources have all checked out, getting power inside the pedal. Won’t boot up.

HELP! Please!

Follow the instructions for the Mac from the link above. If you can’t get it to work, you’ll have to contact

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.

Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.

This is from the BB instruction manual, but thought it may be worthwhile putting it here for those that forgot the instructions were there like I did. It should have been included with the first post announcing the f/w update, a link to, or as a ‘readme’ file with the zip download.

• Once you have downloaded the firm ware, unzip the file.
• You will see 5 files: app, app.bin, boot. bin, MLO, and MLO.bin.
• Insert SD Card directly into your
• Drag the contents of the firmware
folder directly onto the SD Card (the first
window when opening the SD card drive on your computer).
• If you are prompted to skip or replace certain files with identical names, click Replace.
• After the files are transferred,
insert the SD card into your
unplugged BeatBuddy.
• Once the SD card is in, power the
BeatBuddy on. Let the firmware
upgrade take place (~20-30 seconds).

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I am surprised that the announcement did not mention the introduction of the cut time and double time options for foot switch buttons. I don’t recall seeing those options prior to upgrading to 2.70. Those features work nicely. Great job to those who made it happen! :grinning: