Display always shows volume/tempo whatever

I just updated to V3.6 firmware, no problems. Also I have the footswitch.

Now I have the display only showing Volume (or whatever other knob is being adjusted) - and I can’t get it back to show the display of the song and so on (default display).

It seems that this is a similar/same problem as this:

which has a link back to 2.7 firmware from your Tech Support - except the link is dead.

Come on guys. I just splashed about 400€ on this product (buddy + FS + MIDI cable … which should have been included IMO if you decide to use non-standard MIDI connector … ), I don’t expect it to get broken by a firmware update and then a website that seems to be in disarray. I’m a busy working musician, I didn’t buy this as a toy but because I want to use it on a gig tomorrow night. And now I’m losing time trying to get past your technical issues …

I just redid the download and update, no change.

OK who has a link to older firmware that doesn’t have this issue?

And Beatbuddy people - how about having a download page for software that has working links to old versions? it’s not hard …


OK I found the old versions (kindly posted and summarised by another user) here :slight_smile:

going back to V2.7 fixed things.

BB WTF? what a mess …

@danmcb We want to investigate this further so we can assess what causes this to happen. I sent you an email about this. Please follow up at your convenience.