Problems on pedal

please some help

If your video is not too large, you can zip it and try to attach it to a forum post.

Otherwise, probably best to do so using Youtube.

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Hi there, what version are you on? Have you tried the latest version

Let me know thanks!

This could be a physical issue, may be able to provide some guidance. If you purchased from our website you also may be covered under warranty.

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Hi there, what version are you on? Have you tried the latest version []?
im on 4.0.0, should i reinstall

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is there a problem with 4.0.0 firmware?

If you downgrade and the problem stops happening that will help us see if it is related

4.0.0 is in beta, it is not meant to be a finished product, there is the potential for bugs in different scenarios and use cases.

unfortunately ithe bug didn’t stop

I have made some attempts with BB
I created a drum kit and put waves of original music playbacks, just without the vocals, so far so good.
On the BBM it plays correctly, I can stop immediately when I want to, but on the pedal, the stop stops working. either to start the song or finish it, I have to press the pedal several times to succeed,and I cant pause the song
did I get to be clear?

Two things to try:

  1. download a fresh copy of the firmware and install it on the pedal
  2. check your foot switch settings (both the main and the remote)

If neither of these work, contact Support, directly.

to any other beats and drums the pedal works perfectly

i was on 4.0.0 !firmware and yesterday I back to

Sorry to hear this, likely this means there is something wrong with your unit, you could try flashing the firmware see if it does anything but it’s likely this is a physical problem.

Here is how to flash your unit

Best of luck!

You could try writing but I’m not sure there is much they can do here.

I don’t know what the problem is, but for some reason I can’t view the video at all

Are you referring to the “How to upgrade your firmware for the BeatBuddy (BB) pedal”? I just clicked the play button and it works….

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