Saved Song Protection?

Hello! I’m fairly new to the forum. I bought a Beat Buddy and an Aeros Loop Studio months ago and am very happy with both products. I have had about 3 months to learn/play with both pedals and for a Rock/Heavy Metal guitarist who is unable to find a good/dependable drummer and bassist, these pedals are a dream come true. I do have one question/request for the Aeros. Is there or could there be a “Song Protection” feature? I was jamming one of my pre-recorded saved songs the other night and accidentally hit the “Overdub” button while using the volume wheel. I instantly realized it and stopped. I did the “Undo” feature on the accidental overdub and my whole song was deleted. Once I have recorded and saved a song I don’t want to be able to “Accidentally” record on it. There should be some sort of “Lock” feature so I can’t record or overdub a “Saved” song without unlocking it. Thanks!

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Bummer about the lost song.

In terms of deleting files, if you save to an SD card, you can almost always restore the deleted file if you mount it to your computer and use an undelete tool right away. That might still work for you…

Did you undo a track or delete the song? The Aeros doesn’t save unless you tell it to save. Like many loopers, you can modify a song as much as you want, but until you press save, it will revert to the last saved version if you change songs or power off.

Yeah the SD is where I save stuff I don’t want to change. And the SD card can be physically locked.

I’ve been thinking bout floating an idea of having two modes for Aeros… Recording mode and Playback mode. As it is now could be the recording mode. If a Playback mode was added, we could edit playback stuff like how many times a part repeats and such and actually build a song… without all the record button commands in the way. And the files themselves would be unaltered.
Dunno… probably a major overhaul but that would allow room for lots of features 4+ track recorders have.

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Thanks for the info. Not a huge deal about the song, I just recorded it again. I did buy an SD card and inserted it but the few things I recorded after that does not give me the option to save it there. I’m not an expert on SD cards but I dodn’t think you can insert it wrong without forcing it which I did not. So yeah, if that worked that would be cool, but it would also be cool if once you hit SAVE on a song you’ve recorded it would become locked, and you would have to unlock it to edit or over dub. During a live performance if I accidentally hit the “Overdub” button while using the volume wheel I’m kinda hosed. And I believe I hit the “Undo” bottom on the over dub, not the “Delete Track.” Since I did not “Save” the overdub, it shouldn’t have deleted the whole track, just the overdub. But it was all gone.

I am new to the Aeros and been building songs to jam with which is quite nice. I finished a bit of a complicated song yesterday with a second part, bridge, i was happy with and saved it but not to the SD card. I haven’t saved any songs to an SD card because i go back and work on them later. I went back to it after closing it and opening another song and all was fine. when i tried to open it today i got the AEROS logo on the screen and the looper locked up. after re booting it my song was gone! very frustrating. anybody lost songs that were saved with the looper locking up?

That seems like a really reasonable request. Locking a song from any editing would if anything provide quite a bit of peace of mind if you are leaning on them for live performance. I do my stuff all on the fly but I could see (when or if) importing tracks becomes a thing then locking the songs settings down would be the next logical feature.

Especially important since the delete song screen ask you to confirm deletion, but fails to name the track to be deleted. It’s far easier to press the wrong delete icon on the Aeros than an laptop (the angle of the display, screen size, and the floor location all make this more error prone).

FYI, if you realize your mistake, you can use a Window or Mac base “undelete” tool on the files. (Delete just hides the entry, but the data live on until it is overwritten by a new file).

It seems like locking a song on the Aeros would be a no-brainer. It’s advertised as being part DAW and in some ways functions like one. You can easily save your work, but you can also easily screw it up if you’re not careful. Especially in a live setting. Having to retrieve your last version by loading another song before saving your work is just unnecessary pedal dancing.

Am I missing something? Please make suggestions. If I can’t find a workaround soon my Aeros Gold is going back.

Hey there, thanks for all the feedback, please look to this post as the feature request for this “locking” or “protective” mode

Locking track song for playback only - Aeros Loop Studio - Singular Sound Forum


Hey all,

I will point out that you can get some version of this state by using the slideout menu:
Leave the slideout menu open and have the wheel set to the Mute option on the slideout. Beforehand, make sure to go to the Hands Free settings and set the slideout to not close when a command is sent (Close Menu Automatically)

This way, when you tap the Track (RPO) button the track will mute and unmute versus record, play and overdub

Protects your tracks and provides one-tap mutes!

This state only works correctly in beta version 5.1.x, which is currently available to try! In 5.0.3 the mute in this state is always immediate, in 5.1.0 the mute will follow the mute setting in the Behavior settings.