Song with 2 different beats

I am trying to create a beat for the Yardbirds for your love. The middle 8 is a different beat and speed (I think). How do I do this? It looks to me like a tune has to be the same tempo in all parts.


Thank you…

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To answer your question, you probably need a DAW (digital audio workstation) to edit the MIDI. There are a couple of methods you can try, neither one particularly easier than the other. One involves time-stretching the portion of the MIDI file that changes tempo and the other involves cutting the MIDI up into sections at those points where the beat changes, exporting from the DAW and then importing into different main drum loop sections in the BeatBuddy Manager (BBM).

Although you asked for a beat (I’m assuming that you wanted a multi-part song with just drums) most of the user-created content on the forum tends to be of the one-press variant. If all you need is a one-press drums (DOP) version, you can also find it at this link and the MIDI file was time-stretched.

P.S. Although the category you posted under was for the Aeros, I’m guessing that you really intended this to be posted under the BeatBuddy category and I’ve changed the category. If I’m wrong and you really intended it for the Aeros category, feel free to edit it.

Thank you it was intended for the Beat Buddy. Which DAW do you recommend or use. Can Garage Band do this or do I need something more sophisticated like Logic Pro x.

You can try your hand with GarageBand to see if you like it and want to continue rolling your own beats, Logic Pro X (LPX) would be a good next step and Apple offers a 90-day free trial. Reaper is good and less expensive than LPX but it’s more of a Windows GUI. I use LPX.

There are several tutorials on the forum that you might find helpful.

Having said all of this, many users find the learning curve for a DAW too steep and its use labor- and time-intensive. There are many forum users that will help when you have questions.

Time-stretching may be too much for a beginning DAW user.