Strange way to select songs with midi in BB@Aeros


For the midi song select what midi controller is able to send a PC after a CC command? exept maybe maestro?

Impossible to program for me… this is not PC standard, useless for me.

I believe Morningstar controllers can handle that.

Hi Phil,

Yes but I already have a midi pedal board, a good one, and I don’t want to change it for now.

What I mean is that program changes are very standard and common in the music industry, why do it any other way? Apparently it’s for a business reason… and it’s not very cool for users who already have hardware…


Thanks for your feedback,

You could send the PC command on its own but you would be limited to the currently open folder

Hi Brennan,

Normaly a Program Change = PC use + Midi channel select + data value PC (here = 0) + MSB bank n° (=128) + LSB program n° in the bank (=128)…

and that’s all…


The CC:0 and CC:32 commands are bank MSB and bank LSB, they mean the same thing!

The BeatBuddy as of 4.1.1 expects an MSB (CC:0 values 0-127) + LSB (CC:32 values 0-127) command to select the folder by default, and the PC command selects the song. If you already have the folder you want open, you only need to send a PC command.

Aeros Mode on the BeatBuddy makes it so you only need to send an LSB command to select the folder and the MSB command is negated. In 4.0.1 it works like this by default but it is a setting in 4.1.1.

MSB and LSB are typically followed by PC when they are used as a string, which is common among other products that are not ours.

We cannot facilitate every setup, unfortunately sometimes you need to invest in products that can do more than what you currently use to get the most out of our devices.

There are other ways to song select handsfree using the external footswitch.

Thank you for your feedback!