Trigger by threshold option and loop length change

Is there any option to start recording on input threshold? That would be great for making the loops tighter. Additionally, any option for changing the loop length. It’s common for me to record after the loop end and then want to change the loop length to the last beat or bar.

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Being able to change a loop length (when not in freeform mode) would be a nice feature. +1

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Auto record has already been requested, please forward any thoughts to that thread

What do you mean by changing loop length? Could you please specify how you would see this work?

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Thanks for the feedback!

Although I’m not the original poster, I’ll bite…

Let’s say I recorded something that came out to 7 measures and then I closed the loop. Then I realized I would have liked to have had a measure of silence after it, bringing the total to 8 measures. The loop length change would be the extra measure I added.

Granted, most of my stuff is soundscape stuff and freeform, but I have run into this a few times where I wish I’d held a loop a bit longer when not using freeform. Not a must-have feature for me but I can see why others might like it.

I think I get what you mean, but this would not likely be a live feature if it ever existed.

How would the user be able to change this in your mind? Would they have to change the settings to sync on? Is this a feature only in quantized mode or also in freeform mode?

I don’t think we fully understand how having sync length on doesn’t solve this for most cases. Is it only useful in freeform?

Would having pre-set lengths solve this?

@Mchenetz are you aware of the Sync settings and Sync Rules? Do these not handle this for your case?

Let me know!

I haven’t thought about this too much, not being the OP.

I’d speculate that even if sync length is on, one still might want that initial loop to be longer after making it. I don’t see any way to implement it live, though. That said, I’m sure some of us do some preliminary setups and have prerecorded loops that we play over. I do that, quite a bit.

So would pre-set length be a solution here in that case?

Do you mean a pre-set length to add?

Not exactly, but a preset length in general, a user would need to know they want x amount of measures.

Is this only useful if sync is off and you are in quantized mode or if sync is on and you are in freeform mode?

Is it just the first track?

I don’t think I’m understanding the premise or the usefulness of this feature, let me know!

I think it would be impossible in freeform mode. In quantized mode, you just have an option for the track that asks how many measures one’d like to add. Probably couldn’t be done without menu diving.

I should note, I merely think this would be a good idea… wasn’t the original poster or really wed to this idea, so it’s not something I’ve thought through that much.