What songs are you playing with BB & their settings?

Singular took over the management of that, that is why I removed it.



Yup, and I recently copied that site and dumped it into Excel and reformatted the data so that I could sort by any of the headers.

Cool. Do you think you would be willing to pass a copy to me? I am not a fan of Singular’s solution. I was actually considering creating a regular scrape of that site to create a file for my use.

I also have this link that I scraped from a bunch of places, but never got around to finishing formatting.



Check this link to my post:

I see you started formatting, sorting things into columns.

I combined mine and yours and started formatting. Have a look.


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Hey Richo, don’t have access to excel can we get it in PDF ?

Google Sheets will open it. If you don’t want to use that, free office suites such as Open Office have spreadsheet applications.

Thanks, I’ll give that a shot!

Try this - nothing to install! https://image.online-convert.com/convert-to-jpg

Hi all is their anyone doing up to date Charts stuff on preset patterns all the song lists are great but nothing from the last 10yrs … Thanks All

Can do bob seger song too…? Thanks Ken

How do I get light brushes and rim shots? Think “That’s all right mama”, “Mack the knife”, and hundreds more. I can only get BBs pretty loud waking drum sets, which are fine where needed. And brushes drum sets are hardly. I need subtle percussion almost not there sounds. Any ideas?

Me likey!

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Ever get this figured out? I’ve been listening to all the thunderous beats, it’s like frikkin’ Animal from the muppets chose all these beats. I paid $350 for the BB and footswitch hoping it would be better than doing my own loops thumping on my acoustic, but I’m loosing hope.

Seems all they want is the extra money from the bb mini…after that it’s good bye don’t bother us

I used my $6 to buy the cajon drum kit and beats. It works a lot better for acoustic performances than any of the standard beats.

I spent a little money on the Cafe GIG Cajon essentials and it’s required drumkit, the Flamenco Percussion Set. Between the two, I don’t have any problem finding a beat to accompany solo acoustic songs. I think it was $12 combined, a couple craft beers?

I used these Cajon beats for a while, but most of my songs have been switched most song over to one of these beats


The some with tons of songs but I prefect to create my own ‘songs’ by picking the parts I like.
I just needed to create five or six songs to apply to tons of songs.
a str 8, a suffle, and 6/8 for each. Maybe one or two parts.

We only play our own songs. And this one uses a customised “drum” kit. https://youtu.be/DuMlbKA14_k

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