Which master to follow? pluses and minuses of each

what are the pluses and minuses of which master to follow?
beatbuddy or aeros.
What channels Should you use ?
Settings for different Modes / Approaches.

the manual does a good job with the whats but the whys and the whens are not there that i have seen sofar. but the manual tells you to skim or not to read the pertainant section

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I was wondering the same thing glad you asked I guess you just gotta exspirament and see what works best for your work flow I’ve tried both but that was before the 5.0.0 firmware updates I haven’t switch back to having the BB as master clock so it’s working with the aeros as master clock so far jus noticed synchis not stable bb goes slightly out of sync especially after you do a pause from right side switch on b foot switch or hold transition switch down it goes way outta sync I’m going to try JMD clockstep pedal to run my looping pedal board build

with aeros as master
is song selection on the beatbuddy from the aeros one of the pluses?
intro fills on the beatbuddy not worky a minus?

So no side by side list of pluses and minuses. Of the primary and tertiary. Something for a manual or a short video.

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I would like to know also, if there is an advantage using either way

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[BrennanSingularSound]Product Manager


The Aeros and the BeatBuddy both can control one another depending on which is the MIDI Transmitter (master).

The Aeros as the transmitter is more capable of choosing a specific BeatBuddy Part handsfree however, since you can transition at any time and it will tell the BeatBuddy to transition at the last measure of the Aeros part into the same part # out of 6 as the Aeros, it also can be set (as of version 5.1.0) to tell the BeatBuddy to play the outro command when the song is stopped on the Aeros.

The BeatBuddy’s method of controlling the Aeros is more limited.


this shows really where i was stuck in figuring out why aeros as master if you cant start beatbuddy when wanted…fixed, thanks for replying and more importantly for showing …Aeros Loop Studio V 5.1.0 beta. New features" Send Start While scrolling"(FR/ENG) - YouTube


To be honest I didn’t understand the feature and asking to Brennan
Thank to him

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Happy to be of service :slight_smile:

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Hi all

Just got my Aeros and Beatbuddy. Complete newbie to looping and Singularsound products. Beginning to intermediate guitar player.

Looking for pros/cons summary of setting up Aeros as transmitter vs. receiver with beatbuddy.

Thank you!

Pros: Aeros can call up appropriate drumset and style for a specific loop

Thank you. That’s a pretty huge pro. Is that done automagically or some setting required? I’m assuming some sort of a midi command in the beginning of a song? Is there a tutorial somewhere on how to accomplish that?

Thank you!

Just downlad the manual and have a look. I also recommend this channel: https://www.youtube.com/@ForFunGuitar/search?query=aeros

So, I’ve been using the Aeros for over a year and just bought the Beatbuddy. I had been using a little Roland T-8 for drum sounds. In a way, I’m facing the same decision as you are. Disclaimer: I’m only planning, at the moment, to use a single “main” beat per song. For the music I play, I feel trying to throw in fills, etc. is inappropriate.

Everything is telling me to make the Aeros the master. This is a little biased because the Aeros is the unit that I’m most familiar with. That said, it really comes down to this: I really just need the Beatbuddy to be my drummer, and follow along. I use the Aeros, which has a much larger screen and built to be “hands free” with the control layout, screen size, etc. to control going from song to song and controlling the music experience within a given song.

Both units can send MIDI clock, so the choice is the same either way regarding which unit should control tempo.

So far, the only MIDI integration point I need is when I make a song selection on the Aeros, then I need the Beatbuddy to move to the correct song. This integration point is described in the manuals and repeated at How do you select a song on the BeatBuddy using the Aeros as Master?. For this to happen, I need the MIDI signal to flow from Aeros MIDI OUT to the Beatbuddy MIDI in. Therefore, the Aeros is the transmitter and the Beatbuddy is the receiver.

The one bridge I’ve yet to cross is if I want to change the beat pattern in the middle of a song (e.g. when I transition to a different Part on the Aeros), but I don’t need that at the moment.