Aeros firmware 3.1.x


I’m sorry, the sound is not hi quality but here are 2 exemples of loops seam anomalies (pop or fade trouble). If I record the same kind of loops with a simple Solo XT jam man, the sound of loops is continue, the seam is inaudible.
Exemple 1
Exemple 2

Ok it seems to work. See updated topic

Doesn’t work :man_facepalming: :anger: . See bug report@DavidPackouz please do something…

Hard to tell if this is the same problem I’m having… Did you change the bpm on BB after recording and erasing the initial track? Seems the BB keeps forcing the bpm on a track that’s already set. I think even if something has been recorded and deleted, for some reason the bpm setting remains and subsequent initial tracks are off if bpm or time sig changes.

From the Dev responses above, they appear to be aware of it and working on it. The toggle solution mentioned above would be invaluable.

This is now fixed, we are probably looking at a subsequent beta very soon


this all happened in one-go? Or in several takes? Was there any effect on the audio or this is purely UI?


I believe this will be solved with another issue we have found that was reported above.
It seems like the same problem.

I also believe this is related to a bug we have found already, the solution is imminent hopefully. More on this soon, but know we’re likely to post another beta very soon.

The code must already exist, because until the last release you had an alphabetised list. All you need is a switch in configuration between the two listing options.

Not sure how to answer the first question. I had been using the Aeros for a while. Once it started happening on a song it kept on happening in that song. I forget if i restarted or opened another song to make it go away.

I think the issue is probably related to changing time signature and/or tempo via the BB (presumably just after the song was cleared).

It was purely a visual display thing. Audio was 100% fine.

Just noticed the hard clipping (“static” noise) when playing back an old song with two loud tracks.

The interesting thing is that there was no reason for the clipping to occur in this case. I had the master loop volume turned down to compensate for the loud tracks. I could not make the clipping go away by lowering the master volume, but it would go away when I muted at least one track.

This is a big clue as to the cause and fix. The total level was fine and likely well within the dynamic range; it was an intermediate calculation that exceeded limits of the Aeros and hard clipped. There are many places the Aeros scales and sums audio streams which can lead to clipping. Multiple tracks, adding the main and aux in (unless those are handed in the DAC), loop end smoothing, etc.

The Aeros can push the master level change into each of the tracks before they are mixed. This results in more effective use of headroom to mix because the tracks are scaled down before summing. It’s also a more efficient computation. Technically this only works if the level change is a cut (but that’s a somewhat arbitrary design choice).

I think the Aeros is doing something like:

Output = LoopVolume * (levelA * A + levelB * B)

If the Aeros uses the following, the clipping should be reduced (assuming LoopVolume is between 0 and 1). It’s also eliminates one iteration of computation over the buffers A and B.

Output = (LoopVolume * levelA) * A + (LoopVolume * levelB) * B

I could be wrong about the above, but doubt it unless the Aeros is controlling the loop volume with some offboard mixer.

Please do! would be really useful…
I just finished figuring out my iPad setup, and I have assigned all Aeros MIDI CCs on my nanokontrol studio, so I have something like a physical mixer. I just need CCs for volume (And Pan? eventually?):slight_smile:

I’m using Audiobus+AUM as hosts, and for MIDI clock Arturia iSpark, Patterning2 (one of these two as MIDI Clock masters) …

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I was referring to the sync/quantize options… does ROP work best with a particular configuration, or does it not matter?

I have noticed since the last update that there have been several times that the Beatbuddy and Aeros have gotten out of sync when both have been on the 2nd song part for awhile.

I really appreciate CC113 and CC34. All the other new CC commands are less useful for my rig.

Most of all I do miss a MIDI command that loads a specific song, I do not even see this command in your roadmap. When can we expect a song loading MIDI command?

On top of this, I also noticed that the wheel does not scroll the song list any more, one has to press many times the buttons before one gets to the needed song and loads it. Why? Please bring the wheel scrolling back at least as long as you do not support loading a song by MIDI command.

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We can bump up this issue for you, we understand it is important. The UX implementation is what takes the longest for features like this, because we intend to make a toggle.

Thank you for clarifying!

This is great info here, I’ll pass this along

I’d suggest having at least sync length on to be able to tap twice to cancel an overdub, otherwise, there is no way to cancel it and turn it into a play command, since it is now on the press.

We have had it requested multiple times, we believe that to be an advanced MIDI capability and will most likely come in a later update with more MIDI functionality (that we will based on user input among other ideas we may come up with). This will be after Auto Quantize is cracked.

This was noted earlier in this topic, we apologize, it has been fixed in the current version being tested, there will be a new beta soon.


I bought it today.
I would like to be able to change the tone of the click.
For example, snare, hi-hat, bassdrum, etc.

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@llauger Go to main settings and change Play/Stop All to Release.

@BrennanSingularSound This really should be the default setting.

It’s the “Principle of Least Surprise”. Power users can easily figure out how to change Play/Stop All to On Press if they need it, and won’t be surprised. @llauger and countless others will be surprised by the “sound glitch” and good luck if they manage to figure out how to fix it.

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Wired to think of because always pressing is faster and more accurate than releasing, would never thought of it. thanks

If you like to keep on press, you can avoid the noise by deleting while the song is paying.

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I see, but funny that the same command works just fine in one way and not the other. Thanks for the help.

Blockquote We have had it requested multiple times, we believe that to be an advanced MIDI capability and will most likely come in a later update with more MIDI functionality (that we will based on user input among other ideas we may come up with). This will be after Auto Quantize is cracked.

I am sorry that you consider this functionality as advanced. This functionality was there with version 0.1 of the BeatBuddy that defined the face of Singular Sound for many years. You already have most of the code needed. I do consider as advanced functionality change my proposal 6x6 navigation improvements: Next part selected by default + choosing Max no of parts but not this one.

Hey there, please make a formal request here, thank you.

Because we plan on moving the delete track setting as noted here in the Hands Free Mode
I can ask David about changing the Default, but we intend to remove that setting once deleting will not be done on the Play / Stop All.

This is because you can’t have a hold command on a button that has a command being sent on the press without both commands being activated.

Hey there,
I understand that this is important to you, and know that it is something we plan on working on, but it is an advanced functionality of the pairing between the two devices, the basis of song management on both devices is completely separate.

The Aeros is made to constantly create new material, and has an external memory which could contain a plentitude of other material, the BB is not made to constantly create new material, and the material will always be in a fixed place. You may see it as a simple fix, but I assure you, it is not. There would be a lot of things to consider UX wise and workflow wise before we could implement this system confidently.

I assure you every user has the same dedication to the features they would like. We can only focus on so many things, and there are more critical standalone issues we want to get to before we expand the communication between the devices.