On press events still do not work - pops at the end of each loop!

:man_facepalming: Will this madness stop one day ???

The new firmware 3.1.x is supposed to introduce on-press events everywhere (re-record and next part), nothing works!!

Back to as it was few months ago, although it seems (I say “seems”, because it’s hard to say in such conditions…) to be really attached to on-press events, but now on both flows there is a “pop” (the same fade-in out issue…) at the end of each loop.

Steps to reproduce

Tests done in 2x2 freeform

Re-record flow

  1. Record first track -> ok
  2. undo first track -> ok
  3. Re-record first track -> ko. A “pop” occurs at each loop

Use “Next part” to end current recording and immediately start recording next part

  1. Record first part and end it using “Next part” button
  2. Record second part and end it using “next part” button
  3. A “pop” occurs at each loop iteration and at each part transition !!

Seriously ??? I start being really tired… Will I be able one day to actually use my Aeros instead of writing endless bug reports for basic stuff that should not pass the most basic QA tests ??!

Hey there, thank you for the diligence, we have found what we believe to be the issue here, dev is working on it, a new beta will be posted soon.

Is it the same issue?

Not sure…

The problem I reported sounds even much worse (actually it sounds exactly like something I already reported months ago…) from a sound glitch perspective… (there is a video attached)

I occurs, like what you reported at the loop seam, but sounds much more noticeable according to me. You seem to have tested with a first record, and I tested in the scope of the re-record and next part flows, maybe as I was too focused on that I didn’t pay attention to the initial loop before undoing it (for the re-record flow), I don’t know for the next part flow. I’ll perform more extensive tests tomorrow.

For the time being I would consider as being 2 different issues (or maybe the fact to re-record just emphasizes the problem…). I’ll clarify by tomorrow afternoon (CET)…

Anyway the problem seems pretty close.

Ok, I did more tests and I can confirm the following:

  • The problem occurs all the time, no need to wait for the re-record…
  • It is more or less audible depending on the type of track I recorded… I tried long trails, heavy saturated rhythm, all of them highlight the problem but finally the clearer result is I think with clean sound…

Sorry for the image quality as I didn’t have my camera (at least the sound is taken directly out of my mixer…).
As usual, as it is on dropbox, you’d better listen to it once to ensure the video player cache (which is crap) is filled (or you may hear extra non-existing pops… enough of them !!)…


So @Thovy64, I agree it is probably the same problem, just more audible here…


Kemper direct stereo out -> Aeros stereo in to out (you can see the wires) -> mixer -> computer -> DAW

Freeform mode - 2X2

It’s crazy that stuff for a looper. The transparency of the seam must be the first feature. I can’t use it…:angry:

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I agree, this is total madness, how could I trust such a device if each new feature introduces such basic issues. They are claiming they are doing heavy tests but it cannot be possible… This is the basic of he basic…

And then from a software development professional point of view, and believe me I have a lot of experience in critical code auditing, I know exactly what means the fact that when you introduce something somewhere it breaks elsewhere… :slightly_frowning_face:

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I agree, it is unacceptable that updates break functionality. Given the number of anomalies that have been observed since the device was released, I am skeptical about the test team.

Such a shame… i was in a hurry to test the upgrade via Wifi once the beta is validated. I think that i’ll have to wait a little longer :frowning: As you said guys, this shouldnt have even been available as a beta :confused:

Always complicated to define what an alpha, a beta or a release candidate is…

A beta can obviously contain bugs, it is its goal to be exposed to a large number of users so that tricky hidden bugs could be chased… And it’s a win-win practice. Users want more beta to have a taste of what’s coming. Companies want beta to track down bugs outside of the test harness.

But in a beta, basically I expect non-regression tests to have already been performed, and not to encounter such basic bugs on the very core flow of the machine (i.e. create a loop !!). This is where I can’t defend anymore and I feel angry and frustrated…

My doubt in this company has been confirmed so many times in the past 6 months (as in ‘every new broken update’). Is Singular Sound still extending their return policy in light of this dubious non functionality. Or are people now stuck hoping this will eventually work? Mine was returned over 6 months ago on promises of it working in a month. Seeing unpaid beta testers is heartbreaking, being one is foolish. SS needs to get their shit together. Aeros is a bad joke at this point. It’ll work next time we promise. Sure thing.
Starting a petition to have it renamed the LaurentB Looper as they seem to be the one informing your very lacking knowledge on what a looper is and how it should function.

I do believe this is the same problem yes.

We are working diligently to fix this, you will be able to use it in it’s greatest capacity yet very soon.

We apologize for this, the problem is probably in the nature of playback, we’ll resort to always doing a straight to DAW recording for optimal checks, the “pop” you describe is very noticeable in this medium.
The drop out/pops were nearly indiscriminate on typical playback mediums we were using (amps, straight into the BeatBuddy for use with headphones, and with direct in signal)

Using more complex signals with tails and recording to a DAW will be a given from now on in all our final tests.

We understand this frustration, we can only do better, and that will happen. Freeform mode has always been a catch-up process for us, our first intention was for solely use with a beat clock, so the user feedback is incredibly important for us to optimize our tests and expectations in both performance and sonic quality.

We are a small company with big dreams, we have delivered on many things that we promised, maybe not at the speed we had said, but that is much more than any other pedal company can claim.

It is true that it takes us time, often too much, but that time is not spent ignoring your posts, your requests, or your criticism. It is spent reading, responding, and fixing the things that are brought to our attention.

This is the first looper of its kind, there will be pitfalls, but nothing that we will not supersede. In my view, this is a terribly critical bug, but the amount of growth the looper has undergone is still massively impressive. As far as I see this is a final hurdle in the last leg of that journey to making it an excellent stand-alone product. One that will greatly improve as more features come in.

I would like to remind all parties here that we are personally curtailing the product to your requests, and we will continue to do so even if you give up on us :slight_smile:

[quote=“BrennanSingularSound, post:12, topic:19780”]
We are a small company with big dreams, we have delivered on many things that we promised,

Like? It still doesn’t do what it says on the box after 8 months?

How long will SS continue to honor their 60 day return policy on non functioning products?

How much longer will Aeros be available at it’s ‘Special ‘beta tester’ Price’?

Long and McQuade is currently only 50 bucks more than what I paid directly. Will that change? or is $889.99cad it’s final street price.

Just to be clear, I am sure you are able to fix this quickly. What I would like is that you improve your test harness to ensure it never happens. Tests rarely cover everything but you should focus on having a very high confidence factor that you didn’t break anything prior releasing…

The only other possibility to notice every potential sound glitch is to push the volume, which I do not do so often… But for sure recording is pitiless…

:+1: automation, automation, automation

An update should not break a feature (the main one). We spend too much time describing bugs rather than enjoying a looper (sold to be the best on the market). Please tell your testers that your customers have had enough.

I was thinking seriously of getting an Aeros Looper but hearing all these i really became sceptical on actually purchase. I already have a BB and i like it so!!!

Hello, everybody.
Irving from the development team here. I’m sorry for the troubles that everybody’s been going through, and I thank you for being on this boat with us.
Wanted to jump in and bring some transparency to things that are happening right now:
We are revamping our development process, in particular we’re strengthening the QA process as fast as we can. There are a bunch of things happening in parallel, but we’re gaining the ability to have strong focus on every project of ours. The Aeros is not an exception.
We’ve been developing a document where we describe an ever more thorough testing procedure. Instead of testing the stuff that has been changed, we’re going to test everything before every release – to prevent regressions.
We’re also revamping our testing rigs, with better tools to help us detect issues that it would be difficult to see even in continuous use, and integrating the firmware development team with the rest of the organization to improve our output.

The Aeros is the hardest project we’ve done so far for a very simple reason: It’s the biggest software project we’ve ever done.

Having identified that as the cause for all our heartache, we now aim to become the music hardware company with the best software development results in the world.


That’s a very good practice !

  • Integration → test of new features
  • QA → full non-regression tests + test of new features

Automation is the key of successful systematic testing.

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@BrennanSingularSound even though I confirmed there that the problem was always present, I nevertheless want to emphasize that, as I reported initially, the problem is much worse when re-recording than for a first recording…
Thanks not not miss it in the fix !