Hidden bug topic......why?

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Why this topic is hidden ?

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I don’t know why it’s unlisted but here’s what Discourse has to say about unlisted https://meta.discourse.org/t/what-is-the-difference-between-closed-unlisted-and-archived-topics/51238

Yep I’ve noticed that yesterday, and already requested explanation via DM to @BrennanSingularSound

I think it wasn’t easy for Singular Sound to face the reality of how mad certain persons have become about unmatched objectives (at least from a timing perspective).

I do not agree with some of the comments in this topic, yet they are not there with no reason. I bought my Aeros only 3 months ago and was pretty surprised how far it was from the commercial videos, yet close enough to decide to keep it. Would I have bought it last year, I would most probably have returned it in the first month. So I can understand the frustration.

So to come back on the fact this topic is now de-indexed (unlisted). It doesn’t prevent anyone from the forum to reach that topic through links, but it will not appear in searches and probably more importantly for Singular Sound, should not be indexed by Google…

  • This shows the limits of transparency that they seem ready to accept.
  • I am not really sure it’s a bold move, as this topic is referenced by a bunch of others (including now this one). And btw, I didn’t really like the fact it was done like under cover, in the sense I didn’t receive any notification that this topic had been unlisted, nor do I know who did it…
  • Apart from the anger clearly expressed by some users, it was containing a real bug report with a real problem to address not to be ditched.

I already expressed my state of mind about all this. Singular Sound is now at the crossroads… They need to deliver now, deliver fast, deliver safe, re-establish trust… This is not a comfortable position but the result of too much delays in the last months. But as mentioned by one the users in that unlisted topic, what will happen if they fail…?
So I won’t shoot the ambulance, wait and see, and I think they very clearly received the message and understood the fact there won’t be too much extra chances after this one.

Hopefully they will be able to deliver the content initially planned for this release with no new major problem, and all of this will be forgotten… I really wish they succeed in this mission. We all deserve it!

I’m pretty sad that such important matters are censored …

I don’t think any posts or threads have been censored as they have not been removed or expunged. Your threads and posts are still available here on the forum.

Whether we as users like it or not, this is Singular Sound’s forum and their rules. I wish they would not unlist topics but at least they have not deleted your content. Perhaps if Brennan or David replied to the open forum about their intention, it might help to smooth things over.

Indeed, the topic still exists but it is no longer referenced. Yes I call it censorship.
For your information, we spend time debugging the aeros trying to characterize the anomalies we encounter, we make videos, recordings. All this takes us time and we do it for us, for other users but also for singularsound.

I find this kind of attitude deplorable.

This topic talks about a serious seaming problem, and now we don’t see it anymore. Except that the bug is not fixed.
At least have the professionalism to hide it when the bug is fixed.

@Thovy64 @LaurentB

I am the one who unlisted the topic, and it was not for any of the reasons you are suspecting.

We are very open and transparent about the development process, and we openly admit when something is delayed or may possibly not even be resolved in the very near future. We are not attempting to pretend to be something we are not, or that we have no shortcomings that we are aspiring to overcome. There is absolutely no reason censorship of the development process would work in our favor.

The reason I unlisted that topic was due to the fact that one user went on a tirade against the company, and explicitly expressed his desire to open a Facebook campaign against us. We have no issues at all with criticism, and even with serious complaints against us - we actually prefer to receive as much criticism as possible, as that is the only way we can become better and improve our products, which means a better experience for you as well more money for us, everybody wins.

However, when a user is not even looking for a solution and expresses intention to harm the company (no matter the reason), yes I am going to remove that thread. I shy away from outright banning people (I’ve only done it once in the last 6 years), but yes I will remove tirades against the company, because that only does harm without any benefit whatsoever.

Constructive criticism is more than welcome, as mentioned and as you can see from all the other discussions in which people were actively searching for a solution, and not simply trying to harm the company. The whole point of this forum is so we can hear from you guys as a community and respond so we could improve the products for everybody.

That being said, I think it is a good idea to clearly state the rules of our forum, and we will be posting those rules very soon.


You must understand that users who have spent so much money on a product that does not meet the original specifications are unhappy? I am one of those who ask musicians to be patient on forums. But you must accept that some do not have patience. This product costs a lot of money you must understand certain attitudes rather than hiding them (and at the same time hiding a topic where we talk about the heart of the product, sound quality).

@Thovy64 We understand this completely. We are just as frustrated. We want everyone to be happy, and we understand that an unhappy community is not good for anyone, not for you guys and not for us.

We do not hide the fact that some people are frustrated with the speed of development. You have been on this forum for some time now and you can see that we are very open to people complaining to us and even about us with each other, and we do not remove or unlist those threads. There are tons of threads like this, in almost every section. We always want to see what the issue is, every time, so we can quash the issue as fast as possible. And awareness is the first step in solving any problem.

We have nothing to hide or censor. We are very open that we are a company composed of humans, we are not infallible. We are doing our very best given the circumstances and the resources we have. We are not Apple or Microsoft (yet), so we can’t simply hire a brand new team of 50 elite engineers to fix everything in a week. You understand our position here, right?

However, there is a very big difference between expressing frustration (acceptable) and expressing intent to harm (unacceptable). We will accept any constructive criticism that anyone sends our way. But we won’t accept or tolerate people who are actively trying to harm us, that is simply unreasonable.

We do appreciate how patient and understanding the majority of the community has been, and some very good developments are being actively worked on and are on their way, I promise you that. :slight_smile:

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On the contrary, this was exactly the reason suspected:

Apart from that, you are absolutely right: your forum, your rules and clarifying them won’t hurt. Yet I know that even if I was the OP of this topic, I never crossed the boundaries, even if I can be pretty direct at some point. From a pure corporate communication point of view, I am pretty surprised you seem to underestimate the Streisand effect…

As re-enforced by @Thovy64 and much harder by those who, according to you, crossed the boundaries in that topic, people bought the Aeros, this is not a cheap device, and it’s clearly officially advertising features that are not there. Everyone is more patient in this community than I almost ever witnessed anywhere else (what would you say if you would have bought a 500$+ phone that couldn’t connect to your carrier ? Would you be patient ?), because people understand and value what innovation means, but there is a limit to everything.

For me as long as what is objectively reported in this now unlisted topic is taken in account and fixed ASAP, the incident is closed.

@BeatBuddy_Support @BrennanSingularSound

Ok, that said, what do I do for example with this question ?
My (actually the) normal answer would be to point him to the topic explaining this issue…so that he can understand and follow the problem… and which happens to be the one we are discussing about…

Of course it is not easy for us to see mad customers, we do not want anyone to be mad. We love this community. We are dealing however with specific extreme vitriolic responses in the manner we feel is best. I know that you may not 100% agree with us on how we are dealing with certain posts, but I think at this point we can just agree to disagree on this particular topic.

The more important topic at hand, as you mentioned, is whether or not we are working on solutions for the reported bugs/issues/problems, and we are.

@BrennanSingularSound is the primary guy involved with the development process along with logging all the reported tech issues here on the forum. I’ll hand this off to him now so he can answer your questions directly, either here or on the other relevant threads.

The posting has been re-listed, feel free to link him to the post if you’d like