Aeros firmware 3.1.x

In that case, no need to change the default.

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Here’s at least one odd and potentially serious bug. There’s more than one thing going on, but it might all be related to one core issue if the MIDI Tempo from the BB differs from the Aeros.

One or more tracks fail to play (and this follows a pattern based upon the measure number). The audio is not gone; It will play if you remove the midi cable.

If midi cable is removed or inserted:

  • Display will move slower/faster
  • A partial audio gap will be in the last measure.

Reproduced this with two previously recorded, quantized, midi synced songs:

BB: 4/4, 68 BPM

Song 1: 4/4, 134 BPM

  • Two tracks: 4 measures and 2 measures

With midi attached:

  • First measure plays both tracks (OK)
  • Second measure plays only first track
  • Third measure plays only second track
  • Fourth measure plays nothing.

Pull the midi and the audio comes back when the entire loop goes to the first measure.

Song 2: 4/4, 76 BPM:

  • One track: 8 measures

With midi attached:

  • Measure 1-7 plays track (OK)
  • 8th measure nothing

Thank you for noting this, I will pass this on!


This should be a basic function, especially for a working musician. I gig with my RC300 because of the lack of this functionality. For the price of the Aeros it should have been implemented before the first release.

Sorry, what functionality are you referring to?

My bad…a midi command to select and load a specific song.


Everyone has similar feelings about features they consider basic, we’re doing our best to tackle what we see as priorities: Audio playback quality and timing, followed by UX glitches, followed by enhancements like this one. It is an enhancement because it does not keep you from the full BB and Aeros experience, but it would be an improvement on the current system. That being said, we do plan on looking into it, so stay tuned.


I’m using MorningStar MC6 and after 3.1.3 update i can select and load needed song by foot but during a gig it takes some time to scroll the list every time so for sure we need some more. Now any loaded song is moved to the top of the list so as a simplest solution I would like to have an option to lock the list (loaded song shouldn’t change the order) and after using CC35 0 (go to Songs List) current song should be selected and i could just use Scroll Down (or Up) once to select next/previous song and load it automatically (CC36 1 or 0, CC36 2).

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Or like that :


i believe priority should be on practicability as this is a gadget to help us improve our performance not to give us hassle in doing it. Not being able to do something as simple and basic and fundamental as selecting a song hands free then why we call it or use as a a guitar pedal or any other instrument we use with our hands. This is a looper and hands free options should be a must otherwise will be another thing like a studio or singer only item.

Any chance to see a firmware fix anytime soon ?
It’s been 19d now since the buggy release. Are we still talking about bug fixing there ?

His statement still applies. There are many different people who would rank the different features differently with respect to practicality.

This exactly right here is why Line 6 (and other companies) have said why they haven’t gotten into dedicated loopers. Line 6 had a focus group awhile back where they gathered loop artists together to try to build a roadmap of features–but they couldn’t. The loop artists would not agree (on features or order of a roadmap), and, worse, they were very angrily claiming a looper wasn’t a serious product if it didn’t have their particular feature first. They could never make close to everyone happy.

Understandably, Line 6 decided not to get into dedicated loopers. I applaud Singular Sound for wading into this quagmire and trying to make a good looper and listening to consumers.

I understand the fact that they are a small company with a long, dynamic roadmap of features that no one here would have the same idea for best ordering. Being practical here, I understand it may be some time until they implement all the features I’d like. I waited 6-7 months for midi control of tracks. During that wait I used other workarounds.


Looks like you missed the Hands-Free Mode update that will be coming either with, or right after lock tracks (another feature users are adamant is vital). We understand the sentiment but we have to make a choice about what is a priority at the end of the day, and audio/timing takes all precedence in this case. We are very close to enhancements! In fact, this is the last real “Fixer” update, from here on out we are enhancing what the Aeros can already do!

With this current update we are working on releasing, there is a New 2x2, New 6x6 command that will open a new blank song based on the last song settings. We know this isn’t the end-all be-all solution, but there are ways to streamline your performance that we are working on/that are coming soon.

Hey there,

We are working diligently on it yes, we believe we’re very close to the cross-fade pop being solved, they have re-approached the code and it is behaving better, dev has also amped up their testing procedures to help QC have less to look for, there are still some corner cases last update I have gotten, but it is well under progress.

We have no idea what you mean :sweat_smile:


Is this going to be a full hands free mode or is it a limited feature that only works in some cases?

The last discussion did not allow hands free when the Aeros is playing/recording and only covered new song, delete song, and song list.

IMHO, hands free mode is most important when the Aeros is playing. MIDI isn’t the solution here. Aeros + BB is already a $1k purchase, and
takes lot of board space. Something called “hands free mode” is disappointing/misleading if it doesn’t cover that.

I can think of a few ways to do this:

  • Change the mixer action (hold left button) to enter hands free mode. The left button in this mode would then be labeled as “Mixer” so the next press would bring up the mixer. For those that really need direct access to the mixer without the second tap, give them a setting to have the current behavior.
  • Let me get to hands free mode from the mixer (which you can already get to in hands free mode). Perhaps this is on left button hold in the mixer, but perhaps something else.
  • Some other trigger like mashing two buttons at the same time. That’s a common trick on pedals that need extra, virtual buttons. Might be cumbersome for those with small feet.

There might be more ideas. Solving this will open up the Aeros to its full potential. If this is not solved, there will be lots of (current and future) features on the Aeros that are not built or not useful because they don’t have a way to use them while playing.

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I’d disagree, because Hands Free for us implies—at least—being able to play a full show without having to bend down (as long as your settings remain the same from song to song, though we know some users switch).
That being said, we do like your proposal to add a pop-up, but it is not a priority currently. That is a far more advanced and time-costly feature (due to UX) that we will look into later. The first phase of this hands-free enhancement will be as David iterated in the OP.

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If i send cc#38 (mute: any value), the mute happens at the end of the bar. I can see use cases for both engaging the mute immediately and engaging the mute at the end of the bar. is there a way to toggle between the two?

Alternatively, since the mute button the aeros engages immediately, would be nice to have a set of midi commands that selects the active track. For example, when selecting a channel on my roland v1hd from my midi footswitch (morningstar) i can send a stacked command like cc#0 value 0 + cc#32 value 1 + pc#1-3 to select which track is active. Perhaps a similar stacking could be implemented here.


The muting follows the Mute setting you have globally in the mute settings.
the options are immediate, End of Measure, or End of Loop

I like that idea let me pass it along.

oh duh. that works perfectly. Immediate is what i was looking for, thank you kindly.

@DavidPackouz, @BrennanSingularSound

Could you please clarify one point ? What does mean this " What we are working on next" ?
Is it what you plan to do immediately after the release, or are you saying, this is part of the release and just not yet released in the current beta ?

I say that because the topic Span track across multiple parts (LOCK TRACKS) EDIT*, which is the topic following the “locked track feature”, is flagged as #in-progress… But then I do not really understand… Are we pending the delivery of critical bugs like On press events still do not work - pops at the end of each loop!, because of new features still in development (even though I would like to see this feature coming) ??

Thank you in advance to clarify the exact expected content of this firmware, and availability of next beta…

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