Aeros: How to clear a 6x6 Track?

The title speaks for itself. I’d like to clear an entire track, not just the last overdub.


According to the manual and the videos on Youtube, in 6x6 mode select the track, double click the right footswitch to mute the track, then hold down the right footswitch to clear the track. Unfortunately this doesn’t work, and so I think there’s a bug that needs to be fixed.

At the moment I’ve been able to create backing for a couple of songs, but if I make a mistake then I have to clear the entire song and start over from scratch.

In one instance I found that attempting to clear the track, then switching the machine off and on again left me with a cleared track. This might be an option until the bug is fixed.

I get that having purchased one of the first 100 Aeros Loopers I’m really a beta tester but I’m looking forward to this bug being fixed. It limits what can be done with the Aeros.

I’d add that this is also a problem in 2x2 mode.

Yes, confirmed last night. Even in 2.3.1.


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So, it seems like 2.3.1 has caused a variety of unexpected problems. And, I am glad I have not yet updated. But, the real question is, how do we prevent this going forward? Many of the problems deal with core functions. What is Singular bothering to test? These kinds of problems cannot be the expected norm going forward, if you want this expensive looper to flourish in this market.


The videos on Youtube often don’t show attempts at doing the things we are trying to do. The one exception is “delete track”, where the Youtube video quite clearly shows tracks being deleted, but my Aeros doesn’t respond like the one in the video. I write software and there’s nothing quite like releasing a beta to a class of avid students to show use cases that I’ve missed. As early purchasers we are essentially beta testers, I think, but you are right, more thorough testing by Singular Sound would surely have indicated that the Aeros wasn’t ready for launching. I am hoping that things can be fixed without any need to return the hardware for updating.

There is a key sequence that allows redoing the last recording or the last overdub, but you can’t clear a track completely. With the track muted, choose overdub if you can. I was successful at this once, but I haven’t learned to do it consistently.

It would be great to be able to delete an entire track.

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I could not agree with you both more! Feels like 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

It’s a new, powerful product, and there are teething issues. I don’t mind being a guinea pig, coz I’m sure the outcome will be even better than we imagine.

I get that, and I have zero problem being a beta tester, but then that should be agreed beforehand and the price should be significantly lower, if not free.

Microsoft has had us beta testing Windows for years :smiley:

On a more serious note, if you read back through the forum to its earliest days, you’d probably pick up that the BeatBuddy Manager was initially delivered without a fully working version for the Mac. In that case, patience was rewarded but it was a frustrating wait. Probably safe to say that history is repeating itself.

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The new update enables overwriting of a track. When the track is selected, double tap the right hand stomp switch to mute it, then hold the switch down for a few seconds until “record” appears. Then depress the switch in the bar before you wish to start recording.

Thanks, Singular Sound people!

It would be great to be able to completely clear a track without recording something new on it.