Align new track duration on the shortest one (first) in 6x6 (freeform mode)

Problem statement

In freeform mode, when in 6x6 song with Sync Start & Length activated, the newly created tracks default length is taken from the previous one not the shortest one (in order of appearance). Meaning that the length can only grow and grow… I don’t think this makes sense.

In the same idea. If a new track is created with twice the length of the first one, and then:

  • you undo it
  • when you re-record, the original recording length is kept, whereas I should have the possibility to re-align with the first one (shortest) length.

Fix Proposal

When a first track is recorded it defines a default length for subsequent tracks.
And therefore for any subsequent track

Its default length should be the one of the shortest one, which should actually be the first one (and of course you can then have multiple of that first length…), be it for a first record or a re-record.

Right! I noticed this a couple of days ago.

Exactly! I thing the sync should be using the first track lengh as a measure unit.

We like your idea but only when implemented in freeform, I have too noticed that it can be limiting for the longest loop to dictate the length settings in freeform. But, if you think about it, the opposite logic is true for quantized mode:
For example, currently, lets say you want a 12 bar loop at longest. If you were to record the first loop at 4 measures, you could still record 12m, if you started with 3m you could still go to 12m, if you started at 12m you could go to either 3m or 4m.
If we went by shortest however, in the case of 12, if I were to start with a 3m phrase, I could never get to 4m and vice versa, so it actually begins to limit the possibilities.

Our plan is to look into hard coding this to be the opposite based on which mode you’re in.

More on this soon.

Yep my point was clearly for freeform mode (I updated the title and topic to reflect this). Sorry for not precising it in the first place, I thought it was obvious as for the quantized mode afaik the size of the measure is actually pre-determined by the song properties…

But just to ensure we’re on the same page, I am talking about the minimal track length, yet nothing should prevent me to record a track which length would be a multiple in length of the original (first) track. It just depends on when I click on “Play” to end the recording.

But I am not talking about the length of the loop (part) which should still be aligned to the longest track of the part (when I hit “next part” or “stop” for example and even “Record”) as it would make no sense to stop or to switch to another part in the middle of any of the tracks. Maybe to start to record it could be debatable but this options seems the simplest (maybe it could deserve a config switch…).

Yep, we’re on the same page


This has been implemented in firmware 3.1.3

Verified in 6x6 mode…

I can now create a second track which is twice the length of the first one and then create a third track aligned in terms of length with the first one… Cool.