BB Midi tempo sync with boss rc5

Hi all, i am new to this forum and really interested to buy a BB, but i would like to know beforehand if anyone has midi synced bb with Boss rc5 looper pedal.
If yes, My questions are:

1: if i play and loop a guitar part and then trigger the drum beats, does the BB match auto sync tempo like the rc5 does?
2: How does the looped track(guitar part) from rc5 behave upon the signal triggers to BB for rolling/pause/transition mode, intro etc.
3: Does the loop get quantised?,
4 : Does it stay synced?

5 : While rolling, does the loop pause or still play continuously?
6: can i pause the guitar loop only and play different song part along with the BB beat?
7 : if question 6 is possible, can i trigger the rc5 to play back the paused loop at any time and will it still be on sync with BB?

Atleast 1 answer or even 1 opinion is also appreciated.
Thank you all in advance.

If your device is sending clock to BB then yes! It should work well :slight_smile:

I cannot really speak to the ability of a 3rd party device with our pedal, but you may find this relevant.

I have seen one user say they had success with the BeatBuddy as the master, but that’s not very conducive to your scenario.

We hope to make Aeros able to handle this case eventually, stay tuned on that however.

Best of luck!

thanks Brennan for the reply. I have ordered the BB and eagerly waiting for the delivery. then i will be able to try it out myself to find the answers to my silly questions above.

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