BB with OnSong and Pigtronix Infinity 3 Looper

I have OnSong 2022 running on my iPad, a BeatBuddy and an Infinity 3 looper. I have the Yamaha BT Midi adaptors connected to my BB break out cable. On the output I have a splitter to run a midi cable straight to the looper (the other side of the splitter is the Yamaha BT). I am able to send commands to the BB to set the initial tempo and to move through sections of the song from OnSong. Here is what I am struggling with on the looper side.

  1. I still want BB to be the Midi clock.
  2. I would like the current loop to stop playing when I move to a different part of the song (when I transition to another BB pattern). If I am playing lead over a loop in the verse section, I would like the loop to stop when I enter the chorus section.
    Are these things possible?
    If so, could you help me with the settings?

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Hey there,

Not sure why you are having issues with the Clock, is the BeatBuddy set to send clock? Check in your MIDI Out settings that nothing seems wonky (Press both Drum Set and Tempo knobs at once to go to menu, Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out)

as far as 2 goes, just go to Main Pedal > MIDI Settings > MIDI Out > Transition and disable the transition command coming out of the BB, this way you will never have the BB send a transition command to the Pigtronix, and the two will transition independently.

Also make sure you are either on 3.8.0, on the latest 4.0.1 version, or on 4.1.0 which is out on beta, 4.1.1 is coming soon with a small fix, if you do not use a MIDI controller to change parts 4.1.0 should work well for you!

You can verify in the menu what version you are on (About BeatBuddy in root menu)

Let me know!

Thanks for the question!