BeatBuddy and MIDI Maestro Volume Control Expression Pedal

Hello everyone

My siblings and I bought our dad for
Christmas the MIDI Maestro
Our main reason was so he didn’t have to be bending over to adjust any knobs

How can I control the volume with the expression pedal

Is there any update I need to do?

When I connect the expression pedal
It only Controls the tempo

It would be nice if we could toggle through both


I haven’t used MM, maybe you need to set it.


Long story short is that you can’t. Beatbuddy just doesn’t have that functionality.

However, since you have a Midi Maestro, you can control your volume with it.

Just like van9818 showed up above, use one of these CC’s depending on how you’re connected.

What I’m suggesting is that you set one button to toggle between 90% and 80%, and a second button to toggle between 70% and 60%.

You can also set these values to whatever you like, or even add another button if you wish, but this works pretty great.

You can go from high to low or vice versa within 2 button presses, which to me is even more efficient than an expression pedal (unless you only use your ear and do not try to hit a specific percentage).