Help, crackling noise and playback problems

On my Aeros when I playback a loop there is a cracking noise. Also a distorted sound when I switch drum patterns on the Beat Buddy. Also the tracks won’t line up when I record them to Prologic. Please help, I am stuck and can’t use it. I tried to fix the problem by downgrading to the previous firmware but this only fixed the play button record problem and nothing else.

Were you using the most recent beta version (4.3.1) and went to the previous version? If so, was the crackling track recorded in the most recent beta version?

Yes, I recorded the crackling sound in the most recent version. I don’t know what to do next.

In my experience, the last time they rolled out the 4.3x beta version, I had the same digital distortion. It was fine when I recorded the song, but after saving my tracks and playing back it was not pretty. Even after reverting back to the previous stable version, my song was corrupted and I had to delete it.

Please verify for me that you are on beta 4.3.1 and not on 4.2.4 which is the latest version on wifi

You can check this on the updates page from the Home Screen

Please send a video of what you are experiencing to but there could be many reasons you are hearing distortion, you may be going in too loud into your playback device!

Include all the information you can about your setup and what you are trying to accomplish

Thanks for reporting

This is fixed in 4.3.1