Help on download beat buddy 3.8.0

need help on computer i have a usb port on beatbuddy i do have a card inside beatbuddy do i need some type of card for beatbuddy card

If your computer has an SD Card slot reader, you should use that instead of the USB-to-BeatBuddy (BB) pedal connection method.

I assume you meant the latest firmware update for the BB which is 3.80, correct?

  • Download and unzip the firmware
  • Make sure the SD card is unlocked
  • With the SD card in the pedal, and the power off on the pedal, connect the USB cable to the pedal and the computer
  • Power the pedal on
  • Copy or drag all of the firmware files that are in the folder and paste to the top level of the SD card
  • Eject the BB pedal from the computer
  • Power off to the pedal
  • Plug power back on
  • Allow the update to complete—do not interrupt or disconnect the power. The process should take under a minute.

mmy beatbuddy is blank…must i send it back

lost software inside beat buddy

Try the disaster recovery steps

Please do not post the same topic in separate threads. I deleted your other thread.

Here’s some questions designed to help me (or Support) figure out how to best help you.

  1. Are the songs and folders still displaying on your BeatBuddy Manager (BBM) or have they also disappeared? If they too are gone, is it possible that you renamed one of the songs or folders with a period (.) or some other special character that’s not supported by the BBM? If the songs are still displaying in the BBM, that’s a good sign. If they’re gone, please let us know.

  2. Do you have an SD card slot reader on your computer or are you connecting the pedal to your computer via the USB cable method?

  • If you have an SD card slot reader but are not using it, I strongly recommend you use the computer SD card slot reader instead of connecting the pedal via USB as the USB method has caused problems for some users.
  • If you don’t have an SD card slot reader on your computer, recommend you buy and use an external USB SD card reader (usually not too expensive from places such as Fry’s or Microcenter).
  1. You don’t have to send your pedal back to Singular Sound as what you are experiencing is usually caused by an interrupted firmware update. Even if you were to return your pedal, it’s doubtful that you’d have a replacement back in time for this weekend’s gig. Here are the next steps to try:
  • Even though you’ve already tried this once, let’s try the easiest solution first and that’s to find the zipped file you downloaded and delete it from your computer; re-download a fresh copy of the 3.8.0 firmware from Download Firmware; unzip and copy all the files to the top level of your unlocked SD card; with the power off on your pedal, insert the card and then power the pedal back up. If this doesn’t work, try the next step.
  • Go to Pedal does not power on , print and then follow the instructions. If this still doesn’t work, or you don’t feel comfortable performing these steps,
  • Contact Support, via e-mail and ask Jay to help you. Usually he’ll call or set up a remote session to get your pedal working again.

Hey there, yes please set up a call by emailing they will help you step by step on the phone if you need assistance!

thank you i was able to download restore firmwear and download new 3.8.0 all is well



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